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Pre-Order Pleasure (And Panic) by Stacy Hoff

Yea! The pre-order link for HOTTER THAN THE CARIBBEAN (Building Love #2) is alive on Amazon! I’m excited! I’m thrilled! I’m… panicked!!! It’s ironic that even with the book written, and edited, that there is still so much work left … Continue reading

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Why Saving ‘Good Girls Revolt’ Will Change Everything by Heather Novak

We need to save Good Girls Revolt. “Needing” a television show may seem silly, but trust me. This isn’t a want or some casual feeling. This is a need.  Why? What is this show even about? Heather, slow your roll! … Continue reading

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The Importance of Amazon Book Tags by Stacy Hoff

The conventional wisdom of the publishing industry is that authors should keep writing within one genre, and even sub-genre. That way, readers know what to expect from an author and will readily pick up the author’s next new book. The … Continue reading

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Don’t Break Your Audiobook Bank by Heather Novak

Happy Thursday Nights of Passion Readers! What’s the con to working on all the wedding stuff? Lack of reading time (boo, hiss!). However, let us take a moment and appreciate audiobooks. I know, I know. They’re expensive and a lot … Continue reading

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Does a Smartpen Make for Smart Writing? by Heather Novak

Many of you have been with me through this crazy journey of researching, buying, and testing the Livescribe 3 smartpen. But for those of you who are new to the party, please allow me to recap… While looking through a … Continue reading

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen! (part 2) by Heather Novak

Welcome to part 2 of book review discussion! Part 1 explained what part readers play by leaving reviews (read here). Now, I want to focus on how to take those reviews as an author! And mock a few people who … Continue reading

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen! (Part 1) by Heather Novak

Listen folks. It’s time we have an honest conversation about reviews. Yep, reviews. You know that screen that pops up at the end of your ebook asking you to rate what you read that you quickly bypass because who the … Continue reading

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Shopping or Gift Gathering by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Please, keep in mind that anything I suggest is solely my opinion.  As the holidays come closer, going shopping in stores can be rather challenging. Many people I talk to are shopping online to avoid the crowds.  What are some … Continue reading

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First Snow by Gerri Brousseau

Here in Connecticut, we are bracing for the arctic blast and our first snow storm of the season. The weather man is telling us it will be a dusting to about one inch. That’s not a lot, but it may … Continue reading

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The Bare Complexities

The world of books is vastly complex – perhaps more complex than it need be. As I read The New York Times’ article In Latest Volley Against Amazon, Hachette’s Writers Target Its Board, I can’t help but shake my head … Continue reading

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