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Meet Jake Carrington by Marian Lanouette

What I’m reading this week. Shattered Star by Kimberly K. Fox. Today I’m introducing Jake to the world. Please leave a comment and make him feel welcome. Personality:  A pleasant, likeable man with an easy smile, it isn’t until you … Continue reading

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Hungry for The Hunger Games by Gerri Brousseau

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch The Hunger Games, the movie based on thefirst book in the wildly successful young adult book series. I confess, I have not read the books. Kudos to the author, Suzanne Collins, for the success of the … Continue reading

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The Many Shades of Writing

There are moments in writing where you just sit down and let it flow, freely and without measure. Maybe what you write will make sense and maybe it won’t but it’s important to get the words on the page. There … Continue reading

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True Blood Season 5 Finale by Leia Shaw

    Well this has been a wild season of True Blood. I was beginning to lose faith in the show last season but this one started out well. Interesting and funny and sexy, though not nearly enough of Alcide … Continue reading

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Weekly Paranormal-Scope

While I’m not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked with the paranormal in the world.  In many ways, so are you. The week ahead for: Aries Mermaids sing your praises.  You will … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Heart Is

By the time this posts, I should be in upstate New York, ready to begin a new semester teaching after my glorious year off. At present I’m actually sitting in bed in Dundee, my normally abominably healthy body reacting to … Continue reading

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Words of Love or Who Has the Best Line

When a guy tries his line on a gal, it can be an overwhelming dud or it can win her heart.  Not every man is good with words.  Not every man can express what he feels in his heart.  But … Continue reading

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Writing and Marketing Go Hand in Hand by Marian Lanouette

What I’m reading this week:  A Pirate’s Ransom. I have to tell you I’m almost finished reading it; and I’m so, loving it. Page one grabbed me and hasn’t let go. Don’t forget to post below what you’re reading this … Continue reading

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Meet Author Gerri Brousseau

Nights of Passion is ecstatic about Gerri Brousseau’s debut novel. Many of you know Gerri from the pages of Nights of Passion and also Nights of Passion-YA. I’d like to say what you don’t know is that she’s a wild … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Your Characters

I’ve never been a plotter by nature but admittedly, there are some things I wish I prepared a bit more at the start of my writing so that it would make the writing process easier later on. Characters are one … Continue reading

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