Snow Day by Gerri Brousseau

Despite the fact that the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, punxsutawney-philindicated we would have an early spring (which we very well still may get), here in Connecticut we have had quite a bit of snow yesterday. It was that wet, sticky, heavy snow that is great for making a snowman, but not so great when it knocks out the power. That is precisely why Susan isn’t here today. Her power got knocked out and she asked me to pinch hit for her. Hope things get back to normal for her soon. I know I haven’t been around for a long time, so I’m happy to hop in to say hello to all of the readers.
I live in an apartment complex and while I was out there digging my car out many of the other tenants were out doing the same thing, and naturally being the inquisitive people watcher that I am I asked them what they do for work. Two of the ladies were teachers and they had no school today, and one guy worked nights so he was digging out so he could go to work. The best thing of all was watching the kids playing out in the snow. As I watched these kids it dawned on me that ages ago when I was a youngster I did the same exact things they were doing today. SleddingI realized that since I was a kid there have been a lot of changes and technologic advances, far too many to list here, yet no matter the decade, kids still find joy in sliding down the hill on their bellies, butts, or saucer type of sleds. No matter how soaked they got, or how cold their toes were getting, their laughter could be heard throughout the entire apartment complex.
We all pitched in and helped each other brush the snow off of our cars and dig out the piles that the plow had pushed in behind each of our cars. I made new friends, got some exercise, and some fresh air and sunshine. I confess that when I came in I needed a nap, but when I sat in my chair with my beloved little pug Mimi Sue, I did what I always do on a snow day . . . I picked up a book. What do you do on a snow day?

Gerri Brousseau is a multi-published author. Her most current work is in the Season of Anthology.
The Yuletide Bride (in Season of Magic)

Puppy Love (in Season of Love)

and Enticed by a Laird (in Season of Surprises)

Other books:
A Pirate’s Ransom

According to Legend

To Kill a Monarch