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For the Love of Changing Seasons

Most people have one season they love. Some folks are lucky enough to be able to afford to migrate to the city or town that is predominantly warm or cool in accordance with their preferences, but I think the majority … Continue reading

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For the Love of Dogs and Human Connection

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Artemis Crow I have always loved animals. Horses, cats, dogs, hamsters, you name it and I love it. In light of that and in order to keep our home from becoming a complete zoo, my … Continue reading

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Technology…Take Me Away

Have you ever wished you lived a hundred years ago, you know…before the Internet. Before the constant bombardment of emails and instant messaging and SOCIAL MEDIA. I must confess I’ve been feeling the need to “borrow” Dr. Who’s TARDIS and … Continue reading

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Writing Despite My Terrible Week by Stacy Hoff

This week was awful. My iPhone and wallet were stolen right off my desk at work. (Yes, we had “office visitors” that day. No, the police have not made any arrests yet.) I spent hours recreating what was lost. I went … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions by Stacy Hoff

Lots of people have resolutions for the new year. Lose weight. Exercise. Stop smoking, etc. My New Year’s resolution is the exact opposite of being healthy. That’s right, I want to live a sedentary lifestyle by forcing my big ol’ … Continue reading

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Becoming Published, Part I by Stacy Hoff

I’m looking back on my road to publication. The (newly released) print edition of my second book, LAWFULLY YOURS, has made me nostalgic. And grateful. It’s been a very long emotional journey. How long? About twenty years! LAWFULLY YOURS is … Continue reading

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Black Friday By Stacy Hoff

If you’re spending time reading this blog post, you must not be shopping all the Black friday sales. Well neither am I, so good for us! I am forcing myself to take today off from not only shopping, but cooking, … Continue reading

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