Shopping or Gift Gathering by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Please, keep in mind that anything I suggest is solely my opinion.  As the holidays come closer, going shopping in stores can be rather challenging. Many people I talk to are shopping online to avoid the crowds.  What are some fun items out there?  You want to give some thought as to what your friends and family enjoy?

1.  Ereaders are popular this year.  If your person in mind already have one, then the perfect gift might be a gift card to an online bookstore– Barnes and Noble for Nook owners and Amazon for Kindle owners.  Personally I have a Kindle app on my laptop and my phone, so I read lots of books in Kindle.

2. A special ornament for a person’s tree or to decorate their home. A friend of mine collected snowmen so I would always look for an unusual one for them.  People cherish holiday decorative items given by friends and family and these items are usually handed down in the family.

3. A car emergency kit.  This might not seem very sentimental but it shows you care and at some point will come in very handy.  If I got one, I would hug the person and run out and put it in my car.

4. For women, you can buy necklaces and bracelets. If buying earrings, make sure you know whether the lady wears pierced ones or not.  Pretty scarves and lovely shawls also grab their attention.  For men, it’s tougher. You have to know what they like. If they have an Amazon wish list, then chose from there.  Gift cards to their favorite store or coffee shop, or even a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere is good. Soft crocheted blankets and winter scarves for men also go over big.

5. Some friends love handmade items.

I’m going to stop here.  I did not include gifting for children as that is a huge topic in itself, and they are pretty open about what they would like.

Please, feel free to add to our list through the comment box. I’d love to hear your gift ideas.

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