Where do ideas come from?

People ask me this question all the time. They wonder how I thought of a book idea or character name or even how I could have imagined a scene. It’s as if inspiration was something magical that only a few people ever experience.

Yet, I wonder that same question about other people, not writers. I know where writers’ ideas come from. Our ideas come from everywhere. Anything can be inspiring. I walk my IMG_2852dogs every day and ideas come to me. I drive down the road and more ideas come to me. Once I was sitting in the mall and a scene popped into my mind. Writers get ideas from everything in life.

The “place where ideas come from” is not a mystery to me. How we each interpret, then share our ideas is the mystery. Inspiration comes from everywhere. It’s a matter of how we process what we see or hear that helps us create something no one else could imagine.

How artists create paintings, or home decorators design a living room, or how my cover artist takes my abstract idea and comes up with a beautiful cover, or how the baker creates a cake that’s more a piece of art than plain old cake—those are the things I wonder about.

Everyone has a gift. Some of us write. Some paint or draw. Others are gifted in working with people. Still others have “the gift of gab.”

What’s your gift?

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Adventures in Publishing By Contemporary Romance Author RC Bonitz

Publishing barely entered my mind when I started my first book. You wrote, edited and RC Bonitz Only Emma GOODREADS-1submitted your manuscript to a publishing house, then kept your fingers crossed, right? Well, I did that and by gosh my book was accepted. It was a small press, but what the heck- I was going to be published!

Wrong. The day before my release date, they advised me they were only going to handle religious books from then on. My book, A Blanket for Her Heart, didn’t qualify. Sue them for breach of contract? A small house- it wouldn’t have been worth the trouble.

I swallowed hard and sent my next book to a different publisher. They took that one and the sequel, and I was in heaven. Until the head of the publishing house absconded with everyone’s royalties.

My next publisher was recommended by a fellow author. They even promoted their author’s books. Wow, they sounded great. The book, Dangerous Decisions, my fourth,  got rave reviews. This was great. Too good to be true? You got it. They have stopped advertising, and I haven’t seen a dime in royalties.

I had a fifth book almost ready to go out. What to do? I guess I’d been a little slow, but by that time the answer was obvious. I did what you have no doubt been waiting to hear. I decided to go the indie publishing route with ONLY EMMA.

Everything looked good. ONLY EMMA had a vulnerable but feisty heroine, beta reader feedback was enthusiastic, and the book was priced to sell. I blissfully set it up for Kindle sales on Amazon and set out to promote it.

Care to guess what happened? Bet you can’t. One of those charming creatures, a hacker, got into my computer. He also got into my Amazon author page, where he sabotaged the promotional blurb just as Amazon was introducing the book. Nice guy.

If you saw the doctored up blurb he created, I’m sure you thought I wrote like a two year old. (Actually, I’m just a bit older than that.) Please give the book a second chance. Here’s the blurb I actually wrote-

A tragic loss has colored Lissey’s world and closed her heart. When spunky little Emma sails into her life with her ever so annoying father, Jake, Lissey would love to claim the adorable child for her own. Jake’s reckless treatment of his daughter resonates against Lissey’s own pain.

When Jake entrusts Lissey with their special secret, she finds herself even more determined to protect Emma and, to her surprise, Jake as well. A few nights later, when he rows ashore in the moonlight just to see her, everything changes. But, can she keep Emma safe and trust the man with her heart?

It’s only $ 0.99!  Try it now- ONLY EMMA on Amazon   https://www.amazon.com/Only-Emma-RC-Bonitz-ebook/dp/B01G5Z4RJS/

I’m so excited for you, RC!  A big YAY! Okay, everyone, follow me as we click on the link and get ONLY EMMA.  Please, be sure and leave comments in our comment box. Thank you, RC, for visiting Nights of Passion!

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Racing Towards The Travers Stakes by Stacy Hoff

Tomorrow, Saturday the 27, is the day of the Travers Stakes in Saratoga Springs, NY, as any horse racing fan can tell you. This event, also called the Mid-Summer Derby, is one of the highlights of the racing season. And one of the most exciting, too. Is it a big deal? Big enough American Pharaoh ran this race after wining the Triple Crown.

nrmPhoto of the Nat. Museum of Racing

Before I wrote my upcoming novel, JOCKEYING FOR YOU, I knew nothing about horse racing. But researching the sport for my book was more exciting than I could have imagined. Now I’m passing my knowledge on to the next generation—my kids.

Last weekend my whole family traveled to Saratoga so I could show them about the sport, first hand. I took them both to the track and to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. The Museum was first. It was a good place to start, giving an interesting, easy-to-understand overview. The wide range of exhibits, from movies to mannequins, was more than enough to keep my kids attention.


The race track was second. My boys “bet” on a horse, which came in last place. Good thing they didn’t actually use their allowance money. But they didn’t go home empty-handed. Famed jockey Samuel Camacho, Jr. gave them a pair of his racing goggles after my younger one got up the courage to ask. Better still, Camacho, Jr., who currently ranks number 10 by the New York Racing Association, was lovely to my boys, even autographing the goggles for them. (The picture of which is above).


For my family, horse racing was a sure bet for our weekend. I am glad my writing endeavors provided me with yet another wonderful way to spend my time. No matter how our horse comes in!

Will you be watching the Travers?

Stacy Hoff news update – DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC is a finalist in the “I Heart Indie” contest, as chosen by book clubs selected by the Las Vegas chapter of Romance Writers of America (LVRWA).  





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Be Open to a New Opening by Heather Novak

As I navigate down the “looking for an agent” highway, I’m struck by how important it is to never stop learning and striving for what you want. With several partials/fulls of my manuscript out, and an ever growing pile of rejections, I’m well into my querying journey.

queryingI took a chance on a twitter pitch contest and was happy to get a request for a partial which led to a full. (For those confused, a partial is a specified part of the manuscript – usually first 50 pages/first few chapters. A full is your entire completed manuscript.) I received an extremely encouraging revise and resubmit email stating I need to rework the beginning.

I promised to work on it before the wedding (because after the wedding, you all get Threat of Raine and Rosemary for Remembrance!) and promptly went into OH MY GOD I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THIS AND WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE TIME?!

So between having to reorder my invitation proofs, locate a new hair stylist for my wedding after my first two fell through, add in another snag with the invitations, an issue with our dance, and a delayed wedding dress, I was going crazy. To decompress, I decided to lock myself in my house on Saturday and clean everything. EVERYTHING. Also, I live off Woodward Avenue and there was this HUGE event called the Woodward Dream Cruise Saturday, which is where thousands of people come to watch fancy old cars drive around, so I stayed safely locked away.

I threw on an audiobook and got to work. When I finished that audiobook (I told you, all day cleaning!) I put on my book writing Spotify playlist. Then I took a break and texted my friends about a few ideas. Suddenly, it hit me. I was starting the book in the wrong place.


The hardest part with coming to this realization is that I have to change my beginning. I love my beginning, but it’s not the right one for this story. Cutting your favorite lines is always the hardest thing. The good news is that I can try to incorporate several later on in the book.

I was up until early Sunday morning writing notes and sketching a new outline for the first few chapters. A game plan is coming together.

I’m hoping to snag a few hours this week to start the rewrites, you know, after stuffing invites, designing the program, writing the ceremony, selecting a reading, finding shoes I don’t hate (I’ve been through like 20, it’s ridiculous), and day job, OMG SOMEONE MAKE ME A COFFEE IV STAT. But what needs to be done needs to be done. 

At least I did my laundry and I now have clean socks🙂

Stay awesome Nights of Passion. 

On this day in 1939 – The movie “Wizard of Oz” opened around the United States.

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,BannerWithInfo_ForWeb
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Hunting Witch Hazel: Now available
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Nothing seems simple these days. Go to the store and you have at least six different types of apples to choose from. A whole bakery section houses so many different types of bread. Don’t even get me started on cheeses or types of beans. And to think, these are the easier choices to make.

What do I do when I grow up? What do I study in school? Who do we date or make friends with? Each day is full of choices–some easy and some hard. For some, the answer is always changing.

Why is it so hard for us to make choices? My husband loves collecting different sayings and one he uses quite often is, everything in life has a solution except death. I love this saying because it grounds me and gets me to try things I might not usually try. And why not? A lot of times we fear the unknown or don’t want to put ourselves out there because we don’t want to face rejection. At the end of the day should we really care? Will the choices we make now haunt us for the rest of our lives? Some might but most won’t, so is it worth denying ourselves the opportunity to take a risk?

My advice? Choose what you want and go for it. I’m living that advice now and loving it. Don’t live in fear and miss out on what is important. You’ll only regret it later on.

Happy writing this week and may you be inspired!


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Deadlines! by Mandy Rosko

I am officially 30K words into my third book in the alpha series, and this one is looking to be about 60-70k words long before it’s finished, meaning this will be the longest book in my Alpha Bites Series.

Won’t be much of an alpha bite at that size, but I’ll see if I can make it work😉

Interestingly enough, this will also be the darkest book in the series so far. I’m not going to mention why, but it is there, so I’m working hard to make sure I do right by what’s happening in the book, while still maintaining a sense of fantasy and adventure.

So now I need to make sure the next 30-40K words still have that sense of fun and adventure inside them. A secret revealed, a daring escape and a rescue :3 Oh yeah, those things are definitely coming❤

Until then, here’s a pic of Snoopy so I can make myself feel better for being too much of a flake on my word count this month. I will channel Snoopy’s willpower for being able to sit there staring at that blank page!






Want a Freebie Starter Library? Join the reader group at http://mandyrosko.com/contact.php and I’ll send you three free paranormal romance ebooks from my backlist! Awesome, right?😉

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Winds Are Coming Paranormal-Scope

Winds are blowing my way and perhaps your way too. Change is in the air. Look sharp for storms and be prepared for emergencies.

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

Werewolves cherish family and friends. Plan a get-together.

Elves dance in the circle in the woods. All work and no play makes a dull person. Add play to your schedule.

Pixies lose their fairy dust in high winds. Be careful of keys and wallets this week.

A dragon comes to bring you comfort and friendship. Never judge a book by its cover. Dragons make great long-time friends.

Gnomes are happy in a less cluttered home. Time to sort and toss.

Faeries love good clothes. Refresh your wardrobe with new things.

Dragon fly above the storms. Soar above your worries. Spend more time with a friend who always listens.

A faery is watching out for you. Follow your guts instincts and trust in yourself.

Mermaids watch the rain from beneath the waves. It looks like art. Truly a watercolor. Indulge your creative side.

Griffons roar and take wing. They persevere against obstacles. So will you.

Leprechuns are funny. Sometimes their jokes don’t turn out for the best though. Beware the prankster.

Hobbits sometimes wander and marvel in wonders. But there’s no place like home.

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
Vampire King of New York available at Amazon Kindle and print, Barnes and Noble Nook and print and in Kobo
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