My Reading and Writing Challenge by Mandy Rosko

Whew! The end of the month s here, and as usual, I feel like I didn’t get enough done, reading or writing wise.

This always happens to me, so even though I’m still technically ahead of my Goodreads reading challenge when you take away the short stories and mangas, I feel like I really need to catch up.

So naturally, April is going to be the month when I do that :)

So, what are my plans for April? Well, aside from it being my birthday month (And I don’t want to get another year older! No more! -_-) I want to finish at least one of the short stories I’ve got planned for the upcoming box set I’m going to be in at the end of the year. That, along with the books I’m contracted to do, should fit nicely with my schedule without giving me too many late nights  ;)

Also, I want to READ MORE! I can’t stress this enough about how I feel like I’ve been doing little to no reading lately. I know it’s been a decent amount for my work load, but there needs to be more! I think I’m just greedy…

So, books I want to get read are as follows:

1) Onyx by Jennifer L Armentrout.

I’m about half done this one I think, so I want to finish it. Ready the first book in the series not too long ago, and really enjoyed it. I also have the other two, so the plans are to get to those, however, my next on the list will be…

2) C791 by Eve Langlais


3) Polar Bared by Eve Langlais

These two are because the RTC conference is coming up, and I want to hurry up and get as much read by her as I can that’s on my backlist. Also, I want her to sign my books ;) The goal is to hopefully have those read and finished before the conference.

4) Halfway Home by Hugh Howey

I bought this one right before I finished reading Wool, with the intention of starting it up immediately after I finished Wool. I finished Wool, but for some reason picked up something else instead, even though Halfway Home looks amazing.

Anyway, it’s not a big list, but three and a half books should be more than doable within one month with my writing schedule :3 I just have to keep on with the not playing video games (Even though I really want to get back to Dragon Age Inquisition ;_;) and I’ll get my goals for the month while knocking off a few books from my Goodreads yearly goal :)

I’ve got so many books on my bookshelf that need reading, it’s kind of a sin that I keep finding excuses to buy more books -_- half of this challenge is really just to get me through them all before I buy more.

Does anyone else do this? Or am I just crazy? Do you all buy more books than you read? And how long do they stay on your TBR pile? I need to know!

Cheers until next week ;)



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Starry Nights Weekly Paranormal Scope

As the nights grow warmer, there will be a general ease in the stress many people have been feelings.

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

Orcs are causing confusion in your life. Sit back this weekend and avoid any big decisions. You need time to regroup and get clear.

Shapeshifters have to balance emotion with intellect. Be watchful that neither takes charge this week. Find your balance. Be kind to others. Separate business from emotion.

Gnomes sometimes find it difficult to connect with others. Look for the circle in life. Ride a carousel. Go skating at a rink. Take a circular walk and you’ll find yourself in sync again.

Vampires persevere when it looks like everything is working against them. Do not give up. Things will turn around.

Faeries value art. Time to get out the paints and abandon yourself to the freedom of art. Be sure to enter it into a show, not for the prize you might win, but for the great people you’ll meet.

People are drawn to Pixies. Love is all around and drawn to you. Be level headed in your dealings and don’t let this influx of emotions head you in the wrong direction.

Vampires are sometimes too easy going and it makes people think they can manipulate them. Don’t let others takes advantage of your kind nature and indecisiveness. Make some decisions.

Hobbits understand the deep satisfaction that comes from nurturing your artistic and romantic sides. Make new friends this week and have an adventure.

Goblins know that treasure usually lies close to the surface. Your goals are attainable. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and take control of your destiny.

Dragons recognize a new cycle coming. New things are coming your way. It’s an exciting time for you. Make plans and set goals.

When life overwhelms a werewolf, they have a movie night to mellow out with a favorite film.

Elves know how to enjoy the natural wonders. Plan outdoor events with friends and open your eyes to beauty.

P.S. If you need Easter egg decorating ideas and instructions, check out

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K is for Kiss


Come on, admit it. Kissing is one of your favorite things. And if you can’t do it, the next best thing might be reading about it in a spicy romance novel. Kissing certainly ramps up the steam both in real life and on the page. But why does that scorching kiss get you all hot and bothered and ready to turn that next page?

There are a host of reasons why kissing is the precursor to sex. First and foremost, the human lips have more touch receptors in them than almost any other part of the body except the fingertips. Lips have the most sensitivity and your brain has the speed to transmit what’s happening to the lips at the greatest speed, therefore our lips are more sensitive to any stimuli they come into contact with.

One of the best ways to arouse a man or woman in a kiss is to nibble on their ear. This can be downright erotic if you take your partner’s earlobe in your mouth and suck on it, then slowly trace the rim of their ear with your tongue. For an added bonus, whisper something naughty as you’re doing this. I’ve written kisses like this in several of my books, and I’ll tell you, it works every time to put your partner in the mood. LOL

"Kuss" by Bleiglass - from de Wikipedia: de:Bild:Kuss.jpg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“Kuss” by Bleiglass – from de Wikipedia: de:Bild:Kuss.jpg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“French” kissing, or in romance novels, “deepening the kiss,” is the best way to ensure a pleasurable time for both partners. Passionate kisses—mouths open, tongues intertwined—raises the blood pressure, makes your heart beat faster, and generally excites you more than closed-mouth kisses. When the body is excited, it is much easier for both men and women to achieve orgasm. Perhaps that is why over 50% more men said they would have sex with a bad kisser than women would.

And finally one little piece of historic trivia about kisses. The letter “X” has long stood for a kiss when writing letters. The “X” stood for a kiss. But did you know it came from the Middle Ages? The custom of signing your name with an “X” arose because most people then couldn’t write their name. At the time letters, oaths, and anything legal was signed with an “X” then the person kissed the “signature,” in effect swearing to its veracity and sealing it with a kiss.

Thus endeth your “kissing” lesson. :)


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It’s Not Too Late to Decorate Eggs by Susan Hanniford Crowley

A mix of traditional Ukrainian, diasporan and original pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) Creator: Luba Petrusha - Date 2011-04-23. Courtesy Wikipedia Creative Commons.

A mix of traditional Ukrainian, diasporan and original pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) Creator: Luba Petrusha                         Date 2011-04-23. Courtesy Wikipedia Creative Commons.

If life has gotten busy on you lately, I know exactly what you mean. But you don’t want to disappoint the kids in the family. If you have no kids, you may just want to do this to relax and have fun. You’re allowed to have fun you know. Now you don’t have the time, unless you’re an expert, to make the gorgeous Ukrainian eggs, but we’re get you some handy dandy links that will be fun and get you beautifully decorated eggs in time for the holiday.

Martha Steward gives step-by-step instructions on making foiled eggs.|/275369/decorating-easter-eggs/@center/276968/easter|1056826

The next one is from Tot School and called Marbled Eggs, which was conceived for maximum fun for kids of all ages.

My final link for decorating eggs this weekend  is to Brit & Co., where they have compiled 40 different ways to decorate eggs.

Now if you have the time and want to learn the delicate art of pysanky or the Ukrainian Eastern Egg, I refer you to  and also the website

Good luck and remember the object of all this is to have fun. May your Spring celebration be joyful.

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
Vampire King of New York available at Amazon Kindle and print, Barnes and Noble Nook and print and in Kobo
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booksign TVphoto booksign counter photo

On March 14th I had my first book signing event ever. I was scared stiff to read four small pages of my first book, DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES. Me, facing a large audience? Ack!

Between my anxiety over this event, and the stress of having a new release out only three days before (LAWFULLY YOURS), sleep was no more obtainable than a pipe dream. Instead, I stared at my clock with its ugly red numbers staring right back at me – 4:30 AM. Only a two-by-four dropped over my head would have knocked me out.

Without any construction materials around to assist me, my mind raced all night, faster than a sprinter on steroids. Would I stumble over my words? Look back to see blank stares? Mumble so softly people would scream “What did you say?” Or worse, actually hear what I said, and still yell out the same thing.

Worse still, the fog and rain in Connecticut that night belonged to a scary movie. London, England would have been proud. I wondered who would be determined enough to come out on a night like that.

With the exception of the ominous weather, it was crazy for me to be nervous. After all, I am a lawyer. Though I handle only contracts now, I do have several jury trials under my belt. During these trials I never stammered once, nor did I feel my knees knock. So why was I so worried I couldn’t read four little pages of fiction? Because for once, the words would be personal to me.

This time my book was on trial. How would I be judged? Like a defendant, I found out that waiting for verdict is very daunting.

Signing the books at my event was stressful for me, too. I am not used to having anyone line up to speak with me – I’m not a sports star. I’m also not used to anyone asking for my autograph – I’m not a Hollywood celebrity. There is a large part of me that wanted to ask, “Umm, you really want me to sign this? Are you sure?”

I remember when I was around ten years old. Judy Blume was having a book signing in New York City. I waited on line for hours to see her. When it was finally my turn, I held up my copy of “Superfudge” and said: “I’ll never be as great a writer as you. But I want to be.” Judy Blume, bless her heart for dealing with an intimidated, star-struck kid assured me I could become an author if I wanted to be. (One day I hope to see her so I can tell her “thanks.”)

It was surreal for me to now be the one on line people were waiting to talk to. To sign my name with an authority I don’t yet feel. To read as if I was trying a case in court, my voice confident and strong.

What events have intimidated you? How did you get through it?

PART II of My First Book Signing Experience Friday (4/10/15)

Thank you, Chameleon Haircolor Cafe and Spa, North Haven, CT, for hosting me!



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What I’ve Learned: Secret 12 – The Passing of Pete

Yesterday (March 25, 2015) at 3:16 p.m., my dog Pete passed away.  My heart is broken.Susan and Pete

Pete was a funny little guy.  We got Pete at a pet store. We don’t normally get our pets that way, preferring rescue groups.  But after looking and looking at dogs, we were ready to give up.  Then one night at supper my husband said, “I found a dog and his name is Pete.” So after supper we went off to the mall to see this dog.

He looked like he had escaped the Muppet Show, a black and white ball of curly fluff with a black nose, chocolate brown eyes, and a white fluffy curled tail.  Pete was a Cantel, a breed in development by Shiloh Kennels in Iowa.  He was also registered with the Cantel Club of America as Crowley’s Pierre.  He was half miniature poodle and half Bichon Frisé.  He was the most cuddly, fun and gentle dog I’ve ever known.

Pete had special food made for him by my husband ever since he ate something off the ground several years back and had to be rushed to the vet.  Pete was playful and funny and serene.  He raised our two sister kittens into the fine cats they are today. He slept in the big bed, was hugged and played with a lot and always had family around him even at the end.

One of the funniest things I ever saw Pete do happened when we were walking together. He came upon a chipmunk and barked at it. The chipmunk stood up and squeaked up a storm at Pete for several minutes. Pete backed up and in his wisdom pulled me on my leash. He felt it better to pass this by and I agreed with him.  Smiles!

What secret did I learn from Pete?  Some battles aren’t worth fighting.  From the chipmunk, I learned not to be intimidated. Even though honestly, with Pete, the chipmunk didn’t have anything to worry about. It’s the walk through life that mattered and the fun we had along the way.

We have wonderful, fun memories of Pete.

Buffy, Bella, and Pete

Buffy, Bella, and Pete

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
Vampire King of New York available at Amazon Kindle and print, Barnes and Noble Nook and print and in Kobo
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You Don’t Need to Know Everything

I’ve known my share of know-it-alls and have quite a few of them in my family (who will remain nameless in case for some reason they just happen to stumble on this blog). Still, the older I get and the more I do learn, the more I realize that is okay not to know everything, that sometimes that is part of the life experience.

I’m down in Nicaragua again– an annual trip at this point. I marvel at how so much is unknown here and yet life goes on. I’m such a planner (with everything except writing) that sometimes I wonder if I miss out because I’m so busy looking forward and planning for the future. Why do I plan so much? I’m really not sure. Perhaps it is some way of knowing what some part of our future will hold. Silly, really as we don’t have as much control as we believe sometimes and others, we have more control than we want.

Despite my penchant for knowing my future and doing what I can to orchestrate it, I found myself telling a young boy the other day that it was okay that he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do with his life or how and what he wanted to achieve. I admitted that I’m thirty-three years old and still trying to decide how I’d like my future to play and and quite frankly, a lot of the thoughts I had previously have changed with time and with kids. I think the only thing I’ve had to concede at this point is that maybe I might get to my “destination” in more of a roundabout way. But I’m okay with that.

So the moral of this week? It’s okay not to know everything or even a lot. Think about what you want out of life and what you like to do. Let that propel you forward and let yourself find your own way. It won’t always be easy but you’ll discover a lot along the way.

Happy writing this week!

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