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It’s Mason Thursday. Canada’s Birthday.

Happy birthday, Happy birthday! I’ll spare you any further bad singing on my part. Today marks Canada’s 143rd birthday. So what is Mason doing? I’m working. Yes, you read correctly. While others are out there celebrating with their red and … Continue reading

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Writing, a Process of Thought

I sat on the phone with my critique partner the other day and had an argument. Not the bad kind, but the good kind that really gets me thinking. You know what I’m talking about, those epiphany-like moments. A normal … Continue reading

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A Little History About July 4th

I know the following isn’t what any of you expected to read but with the upcoming holiday I thought instead of passing on some pearl of wisdom I’d pass on a little history. History that is very important to me. … Continue reading

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It’s Mason Monday. The right mood.

I’m not only talking about the love scenes in the book. When I was writing for the pleasure of it, the amount of writing I did in a given week ebbed and flowed, with when I was in the mood … Continue reading

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Promotion: The Sisyphian Task

There are many exciting things happening in publishing, many of which benefit writers.  Electronic publishing means that the costs of the process are dropping in many ways.  While the steps of preparation remain the same (design, editing, and of course … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Contemporary Romance Author Trish Silver

Who would have thought that I would ever write a romance novel?  I am a big fan of American Idol and after watching the show one night, my story unfolded in a dream.  It was like watching a movie; at … Continue reading

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Book Launch Party with contest for Erotic Regency Romance Author Brita Addams

Nights of Passion is celebrating the book launch of Serenity’s Dream by Brita Addams. Before we get into the book, Brita, please, share a bit about yourself and your adventures in life. First, Susan, thank you so much for having … Continue reading

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It’s Mason Thursday. Not a one book wonder, so what?

Did the title get your attention? Read on. This is part two of my blog from earlier in the week. If you missed Monday when I spoke about going from having one book epublished to two go check it out. … Continue reading

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Nicaragua, Goodbye… For Now

The trip to Nicaragua has come to an end. I’m back in my house which is very quiet for the moment and I can’t help but miss the chaos from the Tipitapan street venders, ladies selling goods with baskets on … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams. You Deserve Them!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve known stress, worry, and sadness this month. So today I did a little ritual I do once a year. I make a list of everything I am grateful for. Just creating this unique … Continue reading

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