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Christmas Eve is Upon Us!

For those that celebrate, Christmas Eve is upon us!  That means in many homes a tree goes up with lights and presents are put under the tree.  Then there are the capitals of nations that also put up a public … Continue reading

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Wakeful London Dawn

I have found some interesting things in my research at the British Library, among them the lost notebook of Lady Caroline Whitcombe. She had been on the fringes of the Bloomsbury group, but never an accepted member of the coterie … Continue reading

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Equinox & Super Moon

You know, that could make a good title for a superheroine series… but of course I’m talking about the wonderful convergence of natural events this weekend. The biggest moon you’ll see for some time to come, ‘a super “perigee moon”‘ … Continue reading

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Lindsay’s Post 12/28/10

With the new year fast approaching, I’m sure we’ve all made new year resolutions and determined come heck or high water to keep them. Well, years ago I made one and have kept it ever since-not to make any more … Continue reading

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Interview with Nights of Passion’s Susan Hanniford Crowley about her release WHEN LOVE SURVIVES and more.

I, a.c.Mason, get the honor of turning the tables on Nights of Passion’s Susan Hanniford Crowley. Welcome Susan! Thank you for letting me interview you. Can you tell us about you? I’m married with two grown daughters, a cat, a dog, … Continue reading

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Romantic Ravings, the Process of Writing, and True Blood

Sometimes life imitates art or is that visa versa.  I know a lot of writers.  Some are single, some divorced.  Others are married or in committed relationships.  I’ve seen a husband entertaining a toddler in the children’s section of the bookstore, while the romance heroine … Continue reading

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A Lot to Say plus Advice for a Young Writer

I have a lot to say this morning, but I’m going to start off with some advice by Carmen. Romance author Carmen Hines wrote in with a response for the 14 year old writer who requested advice on improving her writing. … Continue reading

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Life of A Writer: The Inside View

It’s raining, and I managed to avoid any strange drivers coming home from kickboxing tonight.  Writing is all about balance.  My sweetie would say that if I didn’t have my job and kickboxing all I would do is sit around … Continue reading

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Dream a Little Dream

Are you really adventurous?  Do you want to explore your innermost dreams and thoughts?  Well, do this one luxurious thing for yourself tonight.  Take a piece of paper or a journal and a pen and leave it on your nightstand.  Set your … Continue reading

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