– Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow by Marian Lanouette

It has been my pleasure to be a contributor on Fridays to the Nights of Passion. I want to take this opportunity thank Susan for inviting me here.

Also I want to thank you. You’ve have been a warm and wonderful audience sharing your opinions and thoughts with me. I will miss you, but as you know I’ve had a year that put me behind in many things. My writing has taken a backseat and now it is time to give it my full attention again. I have several books in various stages that are just calling my name.

Look for some exciting news coming in October for the holidays.

As a fan of Nights of Passion I’ll still be dropping by to read the posts every day. I hope to see you here. Once again thank you for a memorable run here.

I will miss you all,

Marian Lanouette

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