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The Wishing Well

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After a weekend of frenzy and fear from the threat of destruction from Hurricane Irene, I am feeling a little drained and so is my muse.   Muse and I are both feeling like it is time to be rejuvenated using … Continue reading

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Weekly Paranormal-Scope

Hi, everyone!  Yes, I was missing for most of today.  I was in the dark and without power.  Hurricane Irene took out some of the lines at the top of the street very early Sunday morning.  Gee, but I missed … Continue reading

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I am coming to the end of the packing, sorting, storing, jettisoning process. And not a moment too soon as I think my friends have had just about enough of my whinging about it. It’s been difficult to get much … Continue reading

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REJECTION by Gerri Brousseau

Since childhood we have been conditioned to accept rejection.  As children we were told “No” countless times.  Do you recall when, as a child, you asked if you could go to a movie with your friends or perhaps if you could … Continue reading

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Testing My Courage–Brown Belt and Writing

Last night I had to get up in front of people and show what I’ve learned in Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing).  I tested for my brown belt.  Where is that in the ranking of belts?  Next is a half and … Continue reading

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Storms, Tremors, and Turtles of Change

I don’t know about you, but things have been a bit weird around here.  I drove home the Sunday before last from Philadelphia in sheets of rain and rolling fog.  I have to say that when I got to the … Continue reading

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