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B B Roberts— A little Friday story.

The Golden Years? I’ve decided I have to be serious today. No more of that fluffy stuff I’ve been writing lately. So, I just did a little eavesdropping and found a story. This is a conversation between Ike and Emma, … Continue reading

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Mason’s here.

The work of writers. Yes, writing is a job, which involves work. A lot of effort. In a given week, I put 30 hours a weeks into my writing. I also put 37.5 hours at my day job. Where is … Continue reading

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Mysteries that Need to Be Revealed

I don’t know about you but there are certain mysteries that need to be revealed. Things I’m just itching to know. For instance in the last episode of “True Blood,” Hoyt’s mom cancelled his cell phone and he couldn’t talk … Continue reading

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Life On the Blog

Life on the Blog is one of those rare moments when you get an inside glimpse of a writer’s world, their ordinary life. Whenever I get a chance I usually ask other romance writers what inspiration they draw on for … Continue reading

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A crazy few weeks.

The word of Mason. The last few post I’ve been writing about RWA and my grand adventure at the conference. While all this was going on great things have been going on with my short novel Aequitas I Betrayal a … Continue reading

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The Writing Life & Romance News

There’s so much to say today.  My writing life continues.  Patience and persistence is key to a a writer’s life.  You send things out, write them down to keep track, and then write again.  No matter how many times something … Continue reading

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BB Roberts feedback and good writing, judging others and my own

  I’ve been traveling these last few days, visiting family. Listening to book tapes in the car. This at a time when I should be putting together new judge training material for this fall’s CTRWA contest. But, the moon and … Continue reading

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Book Contest Winner

The winner of Allie Boniface’s book contest is J. Hali Steele.  Congrats!   Thank you, Allie.  Thanks, everyone.  Coming up next is BB Roberts.

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RWA Nationals, by Mason

 Let me go back to talking about day four before I give my over all impressions of the conference. Another wonderful day of sessions and interesting information presented. In the morning, I went to the art of collaborations since I’m … Continue reading

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Book Launch, Contest, and Interview with Romance Author Allie Boniface

Nights of Passion is excited to welcome Romance Author Allie Boniface  In addition to her interview and Book Launch of ONE NIGHT IN NAPA, Allie is running a contest.  Continue to read below the interview for the contest directions.  Now … Continue reading

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