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Brothers-love’m or kill’m

Mohammed wrapped his arm around Haddad’s shoulder. “You always were a good brother. Knew how to treat your guest.” Haddad looked over, a puzzled expression clouded his face. “Brother why are you speaking like I’m no longer here,” he asked … Continue reading

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Today we have Mary Martinez as guest blogger

Today we have my dear friend and mystery/suspense writer Mary Martinez as guest blogger. She will be talking to us about naming characters as well as having a really not one but two really cool giveaways. So without further ado … Continue reading

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The Winter From Hell

Yeah, I know-winter and hell. One hot. One cold. So sue me. Of course, being a struggling starving author you won’t get much. Anyway, this has, so far and from all future indications will continue to be, one of the … Continue reading

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A comment on an interesting contest

If there’s one thing in the writing world I, with a passion eschew, is contests. Having been a judge and having been judged I’m fully aware of the subjectiveness. But we won’t go into that for I feel sure you … Continue reading

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Another Mystery to Solve

As they pulled away Abdul-Qadir, driving, noticed a dark sedan take station about three lengths behind. Turn for turn they were inexpertly tailed. As if the other driver wanted them to know. He informed Mohammed of the other vehicles behavior … Continue reading

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Lindsay’s Post-1/4/2011

During the two plus hour flight Alison forced herself to put the events of the day out of her mind. Especially Richard Bosch, Sergeant, US Army. Reading didn’t help. Though it usually did. Of course having, what’s his first name, … Continue reading

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Lindsay’s Post 12/28/10

With the new year fast approaching, I’m sure we’ve all made new year resolutions and determined come heck or high water to keep them. Well, years ago I made one and have kept it ever since-not to make any more … Continue reading

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