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The Hatfields & the McCoys by Gerri Brousseau

This week, the History Channel showed a mini-series about The Hatfields & The McCoys, starring Kevin Costner as “Devil” Anse Hatfield.  Normally I don’t talk about movies or TV programs, but I felt compelled to comment.  The story dramatizes a … Continue reading

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The Life We Juggle

I am a planner by nature. In fact, the only things I don’t seem to plan are the manuscripts I write and even those I wish I could plan as I feel it would save me time in the long … Continue reading

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Some Like it Rough by Leia Shaw

If you’re a romance reader (like me!) you probably like this genre because; 1) the connection between the characters 2) the happily ever after and 3) the steamy love scenes! Or maybe you have your own reasons, but those are … Continue reading

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Memorial Day and the Weekly Paranormal-Scope

Memorial Day has an overriding influence this week.  Thoughts go back to brave ones lost, and in that way they are never truly lost to us.  They remind us how one life can do so much and mean so much.  We are … Continue reading

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Earning Emotions

by C. Margery Kempe The notion of a universality of human experience is a confidence trick and the notion of a universality of female experience is a clever confidence trick. ~ Angela Carter I don’t like shoes. I thought I … Continue reading

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Love, Sex and Mischief–Excerpt from A Vampire for Christmas

This is the third week for the sexy love scenes/excerpts.  As usual, I have to give warning that if you are below the age of 18, you are asked to leave.  The link below leads to Adult Content.  The 3rd … Continue reading

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The Power of the Universe by Gerri Brousseau

If you read yesterday’s blog, Hold Onto Your Dreams, I promised to tell you another story about the power of the Universe and how it has worked in my life. This is a true story. This really happened to me. … Continue reading

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Hold Onto Your Dreams by Gerri Brousseau

When I read Toni Kelly’s blog yesterday about dreams, it got me to thinking about something that really happened to me and I wanted to share this strange story with you.  Not so many years ago, and as many of … Continue reading

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Dreams and Their Possibilities

Despite the fog of early motherhood, I slept this weekend. I don’t really remember it but I know I slept because I had the most vivid of dreams (despite the fact that we supposedly dream every night). It got me … Continue reading

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The Avengers – a movie review by Leia Shaw

I’ve never done a movie review before but I couldn’t think of another topic for a post today. I just saw this movie over the weekend and it’s fresh in my mind. So, all my lovely readers, you get a … Continue reading

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