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Deadlines & Stress

The best thing about getting lots of things published is having lots of happy readers as well as all those lovely covers to gaze at with delight and of course (one hopes) a growing balance of royalties. The bad thing, … Continue reading

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It’s so hot!

The temperature’s been rising and I’ve been inside beside the ac trying to stay cool.  While editing, I’ve been licking popsicles.  Hmm.  Sounds like a scene just popped into my mind for something new. I’ve also been booking new and … Continue reading

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Romance Authors: Like to Guest Blog?

You’re probably wondering why I’m asking.  For the next two to three months, we are offering the opportunity to romance authors to guest blog.   You can write on a variety of subjects.  Please, read the page called About Nights … Continue reading

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It’s Mason. It’s Thursday. I’m in Orlando.

On the flight over here I ran into two Toronto Romance Writers chapter members. We chit chat before we boarded. I meet up with Toni Kelly, and we went for lunch. She eats healthy food but I won’t hold that … Continue reading

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What Have You Got to Lose?

I lectured a co-worker this week at my job (the other job besides writing)—one of many flaws, I tend to be a bit preachy at times. But my intentions were really good. This co-worker wants to go places, do things … Continue reading

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More on Interviews

Recently I was watching a movie on DVD, doesn’t matter which one really. Anyway, afterward, I decided to watch the special features that come on most DVD’s. One of the actors was asked what was it like to play their … Continue reading

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It’s Mason Monday. I’ve found the perfect dress so now I’m ready to go to Orlando.

Those of you that come by my blog know, I’m French. My critique partner is up for a GH (Golden Heart for Romantic Suspense.) She invited me as her date to the Award Ceremony. Since the announcement I was asked … Continue reading

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