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How Paranormal Are You?

Every year I give this little quiz.  The questions always change so no one can cheat, and you simply cannot study for it.  No worries.  We’re just having a bit of fun.  Circle one answer per question. How Paranormal Are … Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the Details: The Name Game by Susan Hanniford Crowley

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet;” –William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet A name might only a small detail, but it isn’t.  It influences how readers feel about and … Continue reading

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What Romance?

by C. Margery Kempe I have a guest spot over at Cathie Dunn’s blog today, talking about the mad city, Manchester, site of my story Man City. I may also be featured in the Irish version of The Sun newspaper … Continue reading

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At Readercon

I did manage to stop myself today on the panel on “beast men” from blurting out my characterisation of the differences between urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Our moderator focused on the open-endedness of the urban fantasy narrative and the … Continue reading

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Why We Believe in Love

I’ve been thinking lately. When it snows, as long as you are home everything slows down. You have a lot of time to think. Okay, between shoveling. I’m in writing mode right now. In between writing I watch movies. I … Continue reading

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Double the Fun with Inara LaVey and Dana Fredsti

I’m joining up with my pal Kit Marlowe to welcome the fabulous Inara LaVey and her fun loving pal, Dana Fredsti. We first met over at Ravenous Romance because Dana was the whiz who put together a wild and wonderful … Continue reading

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Walking in the Footsteps of Twilight

Today we have with us the intrepid adventurer Cera C.  She has just returned from Forks, Washington.  Twilighters know exactly what I’m talking about.  Before talk to Cera, let’s get in the mood. Click on photos to make them bigger. … Continue reading

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