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Wish List by Gerri Brousseau

Here we are on November 29th, and it’s holiday time again. Yes, you know it’s officially the Holiday season when they light the Christmas tree in Rockerfeller Center. This year I’m excited to be able to totally spoil my new granddaughter. … Continue reading

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The Paranormal Hypothesis

I wrote a book about vampires, even after I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do it because in a way I guess I didn’t want to jump on the vampire bandwagon. Still, vampires are so dark and sexy and … Continue reading

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Rise of the Guardians Adventure with my Kids by Leia Shaw

Sunday afternoon I took a risk and did something bordering on insane. I brought my 3.5 year old and 6 year old to the movies. We’ve tried bringing my son to the movie theater several times in the last few … Continue reading

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Weekly Paranormal-Scope

While I’m not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked with the paranormal in the world.  In many ways, so are you. The week ahead for: Aries Cold winds blow.  Beware of hippogriffs.  … Continue reading

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Sunday Love

by C. Margery Kempe I am drowning in deadlines and grading. Two full weeks of teaching left, then one day for presentations and finals after that. Then Scotland! Whoohoo! After the September that would never end, the rest of the … Continue reading

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Recovering from Black Friday?

This year I have watched the Black Friday festivities from a distance.  Having lost an old friend and also a family member recently, I felt no urge to quest for exciting merchandise.  I understand it though, having spent one very … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Traditions by Gerri Brousseau

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers. Only in the U.S. could there be a holiday completely devoted to over stuffing yourself. Today I’m going to tell you what this wonderful holiday is like for my family. We begin our day with a … Continue reading

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Happy Almost Thanksgiving

It’s almost here; can you smell the sweet potato casserole? The freshly baked turkey? Okay, so you can see where my mind is at and what I’m looking forward to. In reality, I love Thanksgiving (if you couldn’t tell) and … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Review by Leia Shaw

Like millions of American teenagers, I saw Breaking Dawn, the Twilight Saga, this weekend. Before I write my long-winded but hopefully somewhat entertaining review, here’s where I stand on the franchise. I liked the book series. Yes, I admit it. … Continue reading

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A Very Thankful Thanksgiving Paranormal-Scope

In the United States, we will be celebrating our national Thanksgiving on Thursday.   Traditionally, we do so since the pilgrims that first came to this land gave thanks for surviving a brutal first year.  For so many people around the … Continue reading

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