Writing is an art, a science, and a discipline.  There are days when I’m definitely painting outside the lines, my experiment has blown up, and I have to jot down a to do list just to get something done.There are lots of days, when I want to lay in sweet summer grass somewhere (preferrably in the Highlands of Scotland) and write for hours on end.  I wouldn’t be on the computer, but using a beautiful pen in a luxurious journal.   I wouldn’t be thinking about submitting or editing, just writing, writing, writing.  But it takes everything to get a work from creation to production to where everyone can read it.

So for me, I will be mastering discipline and making that list.  Just to keep my ducks in order so to speak.  Oh, oh,  there goes a duck.


Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a delightful literary cat.  Here’s Isis!  Yes, she’s sleeping again.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Booksigning–an education and a blast

I had the opportunity to go to a signing of 15 romance writers recently. It was great meeting them, talking about writing, and about their work. I learned firsthand a lot about presentation–how to create an inviting booksigning. There was the three long tables where the authors sat with their books ready to sigh, a table with refreshments, and give aways and prizes that were drawn from a box. I had filled out a card with my name, address, and email and put it in the box. Of all things, being on the mailing lists of authors is something I don’t mind at all.

And there were all the different genres of romance to choose from ranging from contemporary, erotic, paranormal, to historical. It was a light-hearted, fun time. What I particularily enjoyed were the readings. At different times, it was announced that one of the authors would read. “Oh, wow!” is all I can say.

Here are the web sites of the authors I met. I’ve attached their links so you can visit their sites.
Annette Blair
Kristan Higgins
Marie Force
Stella Price (I actually already knew Stella.)
Jessica Andersen
Cat Johnson,
Tilly Greene
Allie Boniface
Donna Michaels
Leigh Ellwood
Denise Eagan
Emily Bryan
Isabelle Santiago
Kathryn Smith
Toni Andrews

Ah, the romance of it all.

1 Response to Inspirations

  1. leah martin says:

    Where are the male writers?

    Leah Martin

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