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Fun with Vampires

My husband thought it would amuse me to watch a documentary on vampire movies. He was right. Here’s my take on some of the vampire movies. I tend to like the movies where the vampires have interesting personalities. If you … Continue reading

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Romantic News is Getting Wilder

Whoa.  Things are heating up.  Well, I’m not at Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 😦  but 100 of my very beautiful book thongs are.  I gave them to a dear friend of mine to pass out.  If you’re there and depending on … Continue reading

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It’s Mason Thursday. Declaration of genre.

What on earth is Mason going on about now? Genre. Of course. Why? Because every now and then I feel the need to remind everyone including myself that I write romantic elements. Every once and a while someone does or … Continue reading

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Toni Kelly: Spring… Time for New Beginnings

It’s that time of year again. Nice weather, new beginnings and spring cleaning. Ah, ah, ah, that doesn’t just go for your house. It’s time to organize those works and clean out that desk. Set schedules for yourself and stick … Continue reading

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Lindsay Downs: “A Good Day”

What is your definition? Or how do you define it? As writers we all have our own definition of a good day. Usually depending on the state of what we’re working on at the time. You’re under deadline- A month … Continue reading

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It’s Mason Monday. Location. Location. Location.

In my last few post, I haven’t talked much about craft. Today I want to talk about locations. One of the things I notice about new writers don’t have a thread that weaves the locations in the book or they … Continue reading

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Managing Time as a Writer

It seems like writers are always looking for inspiration and advice. One of the best essays I’ve ever read about writing came from the amazing Octavia Butler.  Her piece, “Furor Scribendi” offered the following advice: “First forget inspiration. Habit is … Continue reading

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