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The Obligation of Promotion

Some authors, old and new, don’t realize just how much your life is not your own once you sign a book contract.  Your publisher now has invested time and money into publishing and promoting your work.  They expect, and you … Continue reading

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Captured Is On Its Second Week by Mandy Rosko

Second week, lots more blog, Facebook and Twitter posts, and I’m still excited and hopeful for everything that’s going on. A lot of other blogs and Facebook groups have been really nice when they post something or retweet something to … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal! Beleaguered ~ Book 3 of Time Enough to Love

This week I revealed my beautiful cover for Beleaguered, the third and final book in my serial novel, Time Enough to Love.  So of course I wanted to share it with all the Nights of Passion readers as well. Here’s … Continue reading

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More Than You Think

I have often written in my blog articles that writing is so much more than a few words on many pages that make up works of ours. I’ve told you all about a completely different side to writing which involves … Continue reading

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Blog Hops and More

I’ve seen a plethora of blogs lately discussing the use of blog hops and despite combing through various websites, I still have no idea of their usefulness. They seem the most necessary of evils for most authors as we love … Continue reading

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Determination to the Tenth Degree

I’ve read a few blogs and comments lately about writers expressing frustration on how they’ve done everything right to attract readers and none of it works. For those of you not familiar with the writing world I’m talking about, I’m … Continue reading

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Your Book is a Blind Date

by C. Margery Kempe Most writers are doing their best to get you to read their books, doing promotional tours and offering free reads at their websites (ahem) or contests to win a copy of the latest publication. All of … Continue reading

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Promotion: The Sisyphian Task

There are many exciting things happening in publishing, many of which benefit writers.  Electronic publishing means that the costs of the process are dropping in many ways.  While the steps of preparation remain the same (design, editing, and of course … Continue reading

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Managing Time as a Writer

It seems like writers are always looking for inspiration and advice. One of the best essays I’ve ever read about writing came from the amazing Octavia Butler.  Her piece, “Furor Scribendi” offered the following advice: “First forget inspiration. Habit is … Continue reading

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Book Trailers

I was finally either idle enough to have time or ambitious enough to feel promo-worthy that I finally tried making a couple of book trailers. For the uninitiated, book trailers are a kind of video advert for your books. In … Continue reading

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