Past Contributor–Debralee Mede


Deb was born in the last century in New England.  She says that her writing  has always been considered good, and sometimes more than good.  She started writing and reading very early and has indicated that her teachers and college professors were happy with her writing.

Deb graduated from colleges in Boston, Massachusetts, her first home, where she continued to venture into the world of writing after graduation.  She has written technical articles for health journals and research firms as well as for papers and columns in work related publications but has always wanted to try to write fiction.  Her attempts at fiction are about family, relationships and romance sometimes with a mysterious twist.  She says that her characters tend to be just average, run-of-the-mill people who you might encounter at the grocery store or that you would meet at town meeting.

Debralee lives in Connecticut with her awesome son and Cosmo her cool Siamese cat and she hopes that you will enjoy her writing.

5 Responses to Past Contributor–Debralee Mede

  1. Don Macdonald says:

    Hi Debbie, Just to let you know I was here Don Macdonald

  2. Maureen Therese. says:

    Hi, Debbie. Everything you say is true. Your third grade teacher who always knew you had great writing ability is please with your blog. YOu should write a book. Keep in touch. Maureen on Aug. 3rd, 2011,

  3. Jeng112 says:

    Good to see you’re writing Deb!

  4. Maureen Therese. says:

    It is great to see that you continue to develop your writing skills. Maybe you will write a best seller in the near future. Maureen Therese

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