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The Value of My Harry Potter First Edition by Stacy Hoff

Two weeks ago, Yahoo had an article on it’s home page about the surprisingly high value of first edition Harry Potter books (both British and American editions). The article gave specific information as to what people should look for on the … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When You’re Sad?

Last year was a hard year for me losing friends and my dog Pete. This year in one week, the world has lost David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I loved David Bowie in “The Labyrinth”. He was the ultimate Goblin … Continue reading

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From Print to the Silver Screen by Gerri Brousseau

I’m sitting here trying to come up with a wonderful idea for this blog, but it just so happens that it’s Mob Week on AMC and The Godfather is on. Not only does The Godfather give us a peek into … Continue reading

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World Creation–Quasi Existing Worlds

I come from years in science fiction and fantasy as a short story author and more recently an associate editor with Space and Time Magazine (not a romance venue).  When many of the female science fiction and fantasy authors turned … Continue reading

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Classic Books & Movies by Gerri Brousseau

It was Wednesday night, it was late and I was flipping through the channels when I saw “Gone With The Wind” was on.  I had to watch it.  No matter how many times I have see that movie, I find … Continue reading

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Hold Onto Your Dreams by Gerri Brousseau

When I read Toni Kelly’s blog yesterday about dreams, it got me to thinking about something that really happened to me and I wanted to share this strange story with you.  Not so many years ago, and as many of … Continue reading

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The Darkness by Gerri Brousseau

The darkness embraces me.  Its icy arms wrap around me and draw me deeper into its cold abyss.  It speaks to me in soft whispers as it swallows me up into the frozen prison of a deep and dreamless sleep.  … Continue reading

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The Eighth Day of Christmas with Leanna Renee Hieber by Gerri Brousseau

Today we are excited to welcome award winning, bestselling Gothic Victorian Fantasy writer, Leanna Renee Hieber to Nights of Passion.  We’re so excited to have you here with us today, Leanna. NOP:  Please tell our readers about A MIDWINTER FANTASY. … Continue reading

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God Bless Mark Zuckerberg by Gerri Brousseau

On October 16, 2011, Market or Die announced they will be offering the ability to purchase the books directly on facebook by the use of the “Shop Now” button.  According to Jen Fusco, it was easy to set up.  I … Continue reading

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I Think I Have a Bad Case of “Whatchamacallit” by Debralee Mede

Imagine this:  A most evil, malignant and immortal wizard who throughout his villainous reign has plagued some with fear by acting like a “raging psychopath and sadist deriving pure amusement by inflicting pain on others.”  He does so without remorse: … Continue reading

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