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Are We Truly Wearing a Costume on Halloween? By Katie Salidas (Contest Included)

Nights of Passion is excited to welcome Katie Salidas! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Costumes. Candy. Crazy parties that will no doubt end up leaving a trail of social media fodder for years to come. I’ll be … Continue reading

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It’s So Exciting and I Really Do Listen to My Readers! Contest! YAY!

I have been working for the last two weeks to put a book of mine that has been unavailable since the closing of my first publisher. I have re-edited it, added a little bit, and formatted it for Kindle. I … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween Contest and Guest Blog With Paranormal Romance Author Rebecca Royce

This is my house above as it looks right now. Yes, we are THOSE people. What can I say? We really love to do up Halloween. I write Paranormal Romances for a living so I guess you could say I … Continue reading

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How Paranormal Are You?

Every year I give this little quiz.  The questions always change so no one can cheat, and you simply cannot study for it.  No worries.  We’re just having a bit of fun.  Circle one answer per question. How Paranormal Are … Continue reading

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Author Mandi Casey Joins me today by Marian Lanouette

The Bizarre life of Sydney Sedrick is one of my favorite books. I want to thank author Mandi Casey for stepping in for me today as my family grieves the lost of Brian Allen, beloved husband, father, son, brother and nephew.  May you … Continue reading

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Blue Moon and Its Influence

A Blue Moon occured on Friday, Aug. 31st.  I hope many of you took time to enjoy it.  For some the Moon has distinctively romantic implications.  Moonlight enhances romance, and lovers love the full moon.  Somehow moonlight makes everything more … Continue reading

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Dear Vampire David: Please, Make Me A Werewolf!

Dear David, My girlfriend is a big fan of a certain movie werewolf, and she loves dogs.  So I was thinking that I could take our relationship to the next level, if you made me a werewolf.  So when do … Continue reading

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Walking in the Footsteps of Twilight

Today we have with us the intrepid adventurer Cera C.  She has just returned from Forks, Washington.  Twilighters know exactly what I’m talking about.  Before talk to Cera, let’s get in the mood. Click on photos to make them bigger. … Continue reading

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Behind the Character: Paranormal Romance Author Heather Kuehl

The Evolution of Sarah When I started writing Fade to Black, Sarah was a very angry person. I mean, you would be too if you were attacked and changed into a werewolf against your will. She was a survivor, and … Continue reading

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Barbecue Blog with Romance Author Sandra Sookoo

Oh the summer barbeque season!  I like the novelty of this.  I guess I must be in the lower minority because, in my whole life, I can honestly say I’ve never “gotten” the fascination of it.  Maybe it’s because my … Continue reading

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