Snow Day By Gerri Brousseau

Despite the fact that the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, indicated we would have early punxsutawney-phil-1spring (which we very well still may get), here in Connecticut we have had quite a bit of snow yesterday. It was that wet, sticky, heavy snow that is great for making a snowman, but not so great when it knocks out the power. That is precisely why Susan isn’t here today. Her power got knocked out and she asked me to pinch hit for her. Hope things get back to normal for her soon. I know I haven’t been around for a long time, so I’m happy to hop in to say hello to all of the readers.

I live in an apartment complex and while I was out there digging my car out many of the other tenants were out doing the same thing, and naturally being the inquisitive people watcher that I am I asked them what they do for work. Two of the ladies were teachers and they had no school today, and one guy worked nights so he was digging out so he could go to work.

The best thing of all was watching the kids playing out in the snow. As I watched these kids Sledding-1it dawned on me that ages ago when I was a youngster I did the same exact things they were doing today. I realized that since I was a kid, there have been a lot of changes and technological advances, far too many to list here, yet no matter the decade, kids still find joy in sliding down the hill on their bellies, butts, or saucer type sleds. No matter how soaked they got, or how cold their toes were getting, their laughter could be heard throughout the entire apartment complex.

We all pitched in and helped each other brush the snow off of our cars and dig out the piles that the plow had pushed in behind each of our cars. I made new friends, got some exercise, and some fresh air and sunshine. I confess that when I came in I needed a nap, but when I sat in my chair with my beloved little pug Mimi Sue, I did what I always do on a snow day . . . I picked up a book. What do you do on a snow day?

Gerri Brousseau is a multi-published author.

Her most current work is in the Season of Anthology.

The Yuletide Bride (in Season of Magic)

Puppy Love (in Season of Love) and Enticed by a Laird (in Season of Surprises)

Other books:
A Pirate’s Ransom
According to Legend
To Kill a Monarch


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A Writer’s Fear Factor by Stacy Hoff


Because my newest book—my first sequel—released two days ago (February 3rd, 2016), my fear factor has been ratcheted up a notch. And why not? There is always anxiety for any author when their new book “hits the streets.” Will the book be liked? Loved? Trashed? Mocked? Burned?

Facing down fear is what we authors live with.

I personally combat this fear by working out these emotions through my characters. Basically, I toss them into the very worst situations I can think up, and then really crank up the danger. This part of a book is called the “black moment,” and its a literary device that is as intrinsic to writers as our own, personal fear.


In my new release, DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC, my characters have to face down unknown territory—both external (the wild Alaskan Yukon) and internal (fear of failure). Both kinds of exposure present a terrifying situation to my hero and heroine alike. No matter that my hero is physically powerful and brave, and the heroine, not-so-much, because internal fear is the scariest of all.


My characters must face down (or quake in their  boots, as the case may be) deadly animals like grizzly bears and wolverines, while I must face down potentially daunting reviews. Wow, that’s some pretty scary stuff for all of us!

So how will the first sequel I’ve ever written be viewed? I guess I’ll have to stay strong while I find out.

What’s your biggest fear? How do you stay strong?

Grizzly bear tracks (top) and wolverine tracks (bottom) found in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska, USA, where all the action in DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC takes place. (Public domain photos courtesy of the US National Park Service.)


Ana Davis has been given the promotion of the century—from secretary to television producer. But the new job is not without its problems.

The network will do anything for ratings. The executives reveal Ana’s newest show, one she’s forced to star in herself. She’ll have to survive in the Arctic Circle for twelve days. If she wins, she’ll get the prize money she desperately needs. But the stakes are high, she could lose her very life. Good thing she’s been paired up with expert survivalist William “Redd” Redding—a mysterious, solitary and very sexy man. Too bad she thinks he doesn’t even want to talk to her.

William “Redd” Redding is a former Special Ops Marine in need of cash to help a cause near and dear to his heart. What he’s not in need of, however, is Ana Davis—his clueless but captivating partner. It’s up to Redd to have the two of them survive in the most dangerous, hostile environment of all. But worse than snowstorms, predators, and a scarcity of food is a real danger—Ana. Resisting her, when he wants her more than anything, is his hardest challenge yet. How does he go about protecting her when his biggest goal is to protect his heart?


And if your curious as to the book 1:


Stephanie Lang’s successful career as a television producer can’t give her everything she wants out of life. Her personal goals of writing a romance novel and finding true love languish. Emotionally scarred by her fiancé’s affair with her cousin, she doesn’t have the confidence to go after either goal again. At least she has professional confidence to fall back on—she is ready to produce the company’s next hit show. But when her boss reveals what the show is about, a survival documentary starring a sexy, modern version of Crocodile Dundee, Stephanie’s life is turned upside down.

Colin Brandt, billed as “The Evergladiator,” will tackle Florida’s Everglades with nothing more than his bare hands and a knife. Stephanie, instantly attracted to handsome, rugged, enigmatic Colin, worries he will not survive his twelve-day odyssey. If he does, he’ll win a million dollars. If he fails, his beloved family’s farm will go into foreclosure. Can Colin conquer the Everglades? And can he conquer her heart?




AMAZON LINK FOR HOT SEDUCTION (box set with Stacy Hoff):

Hot Seduction cover

AMAZON LINK FOR SEASON OF LOVE (Box set with Stacy Hoff):

SOL cartoon





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Trusting Your Gut by Heather Novak

Everyone tells you to trust your gut, trust your gut, trust your gut. They’re on to something!

But how do you trust your gut? By listening to your intuition and trusting yourself to figure it out.

It’s important as a writer

This is what I’ve discovered about my writing: the faster I write the first draft, the better the story flows. Fast Draft by Candace Havens has me finishing a first draft in two weeks. It works for me because it forces me to write from my gut. There’s no time for second guessing when you have to reach 5,000 words a day after working nine hours.

It’s important when doing book covers

I’m absolutely in L-O-V-E with my covers for The Lynch Brothers Series. A few friends recommended Lindee Robinson Photography, and after reviewing her work, I immediately went with her. I picked the models who kicked me in the gut the moment I looked at them, and I trusted my photographer to help me make the right choices. I’m not saying the first choice, I’m saying the right choice. I knew what my budget was and asked for help when I needed to figure out a way around something expensive.


It’s important in other areas of your life

Not only am I in a wedding in July, my own wedding with my Price Charming is in October. Yes, THIS YEAR! With two books signings, meetings with four agents, moving, being an awesome bridesmaid, and a bunch of other things filling the cracks between now and October, there’s no time to second guess myself. I hired a great wedding planner who is a good family friend because I knew in my gut it was the right fit. Then we both went with our gut to pick the venue, photographer, and band.

My advice? Do the research, trust your gut instinct, keep fighting the good fight.

Trusting your gut is how you can keep up with all that life throws at you. But when you don’t know the answer, trust your gut to figure out which person you can talk to about it. Keep being awesome, friends.



On this day in 2004:

Facebook was launched!

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,BannerWithInfo_ForWeb
Heather Novak
Find me at:
Twitter: authorheathern
Instagram: authorheathern
Facebook: authorheathernovak

Hunting Witch Hazel: Spring 2016
Threat of Raine: Spring 2016
Rosemary for Remembrance: Spring 2016

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What it Takes to be a Writer

It’s been a while since I’ve written about writing as a job but since I’ve gotten a few questions in this last week about my writing and dedicating more time to it, I thought it a good topic to revisit. Here is my take on writing and what I believe it would take to be successful – just my opinion based on the small glimpse I’ve had of the writing world.

Writing is a job. Don’t get me wrong, it is also an art and a passion and a business for many of us. But as I found myself explaining this to a co-worker, I realized that they didn’t “get it.” They thought of writing as a hobby or fun activity, but never as a real job that could actually fit within the terms of our “working world.” This is what I described…

You wake up, you write, you need to structure your day to be productive—at least to a longer term degree. This is the easy part. The part that many don’t think about are your emails and letters to agents, publishers and editors (the good old query email/letter/form). Think a cover letter or a somewhat resume summary AND just like any other profession, you want to be impressive. You want to have a website that is up and running and frequently updated. You want to be part of a local writer’s chapter, perhaps involved in the world of writing/books in some way or if for nonfiction, come from a background that adds weight to what you are writing (e.g you researched the field or are involved in the field somehow). Having previous works that have done successfully is also very helpful. It’s important to demonstrate how you stand out from all the other submission they receive. Lastly but not least, we live in a technology driven world with social networks coming out by the minute! You need to have a presence, perhaps even an audience and/or brand.

So what is my reason for bringing this up? I definitely am not trying to scare would be writers out there but I do feel it is important to create an awareness to what writing professionally entails. That being said, if you love it, all of this is worth it. It just may take a bit more planning than expected.

Happy writing this week and good luck to those of you who are about to take the plunge into the world of writers. As an avid reader and writer (when I have a chance!) I’m always looking for new authors and a great book.


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Not Enough Time in the Day by Mandy Rosko

Anyone ever have that moment where you look up and it always seems to be night time? Or close to bed time? I swear this is happening to me all the time lately, and I can’t tell if it’s just because it’s that time of year when things are still dark pretty early, or if I’m trying to get so much stuff done that every time I turn around, I’m not yet near my goal, and the day is almost over.

So far the edits are going decently for Alpha, but I’ve gotten virtually nowhere on Arrangement with a Billionaire ;_; I get the antsy feeling like both should have been handed in by now, even though I’ve still got a decent amount of time before either is released.

Then there’s getting ready for tax season, marketing, and preparing those water bottles I showed you last week for Romancing The Capital in Ottawa. I still love those bottles. They’re honestly some of my favorite things right now. Them along with my button maker.

I think I just need to manage my time a little better. My plan is to have Alpha handed back in to the editor on the 3rd, and be farther along into the edits of AwaB. Not to mention the edits and questionnaires I owe to Siren.

Not enough hours in the day!

On the plus side, Alpha Bites has a kick ass banner! And because I have to show it off before bed, here it is. Isn’t it gorgeous?!?! I love it so much… I swear to God the first day I got it, I just stared at it dreamily for a few minutes at a time, probably made me look like an idiot, but I don’t care :D I love this. So far only alpha is up for Preorder, but that will change in the coming months ;)



Happy reading!


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A Grease Paranormal-Scope

I watched “Grease Live!” Did you? There are more giggles than normal in the Paranormal-Scope this week.

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

For Principal McGee, all things run in cycles. You are starting a new one. It’s time to move ahead.

Like Danny try something new. It doesn’t have to be Track. Choose something you’ve always wanted to do.

Rizzo is a wild child. If you have held back, it’s time to have fun. Think outside the box.

Fashion fascinates Frenchy. Look over the wardrobe and buy some standout pieces.

Teen Angel knows your true heart. Express yourself with a new hobby.

Vi is an observer of life. She could see where people needed time to make a good decision. Don’t rush. Give yourself time.

Beware of opportunists like Vince Fontaine. They are thinking of themselves.

The Coach wants you to push yourself to succeed. Decide to succeed.

Cha Cha loves to dance. Find an exercise that makes you feel free and happy.

Like Sandy, you have opportunities this week. It will require change and dedication on your part to make your dreams come true.

Kenickie wants to be sure before moving ahead. Evaluate your prospects for the future both in business and in love.

Marty is just a good pen pal. Don’t underestimate the advantages keeping in touch with people from your past that you enjoyed.

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
Vampire King of New York available at Amazon Kindle and print, Barnes and Noble Nook and print and in Kobo
A Vampire for Christmas in Kindle

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Chesapeake Romance Writers’ Conference 2016 by Jenna Jaxon

My local RWA chapter, Chesapeake Romance Writers, is hosting what has become our annual conference on March 5, 2016 this year, in Williamsburg, VA and I wanted to invite everyone, both writers and readers, to come out, meet some of our celebrated authors, enjoy our workshops, and have some fun into the bargain.

correct flyer


Readers, we have best-selling author Cathy Maxwell as our morning speaker. Her historical romances have hit most best-sellers lists. And if that wasn’t enough, our own chapter member, best-selling author of contemporary romance, Felicia Mason, will lead the afternoon workshop. Both these ladies are dynamic speakers, something you will not want to miss.

We will also have a book sales nook, where many of our local authors will be selling and signing books.

Writers, in addition to the workshops by industry experts, we will be having pitches taken on site by acquiring editors and agents. After lunch, this panel will also critique the first pages submitted by registered conference participants.

The day will be rounded out by presentations to the winners of our chapter’s annual writing contest, The Rudy.

So if you are live the Williamsburg, Central Virginia area or within driving distance, you should come down for a fabulous day devoted to writers and writing.

For more information or to register, please click this link here to go to our chapter’s conference webpage.

Hope to see you there!

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