Why Saving ‘Good Girls Revolt’ Will Change Everything by Heather Novak

We need to save Good Girls Revolt. “Needing” a television show may seem silly, but trust me. This isn’t a want or some casual feeling. This is a need

Why? What is this show even about? Heather, slow your roll!

Okay, here’s the deal – Good Girls Revolt follows a group of young female researchers at “News of the Week” (modeled after Newsweek) in the revolutionary times of 1969. Based on the true story of how women sued the magazine for the right to be reporters. 

Watch this trailer. Right now. 

Good Girls Revolt is an Amazon Prime Streaming show, meaning if you have Amazon Prime, you can stream all 10 episodes of season 1 for free. You can also find them on YouTube, if you’re lucky.

ggrThis show fully taps into an audience that most other television shows have not been able to achieve – intelligent women who have strong female friendships and long to be viewed as more than a best friend/neighbor/girlfriend.

Too many times I stop watching a show because of the following:

–          Women can’t seem to have other female friends without competition or jealousy
–          Women are only a 2D love interest

–          Women can only talk about men
–          Women aren’t good at their jobs
–          Women are terrible journalists (et tu, Amy Sherman Palladino???)
– Women are portrayed as intellectual and interesting as cardboard cut outs
We can go on and on.

Good Girls Revolt, first and foremost to the viewers, is very pretty. Great script, great camera work, smooth editing, good sound quality, good lighting (although sometimes there’s a weird flicker, but we’ll forgive that). The actors, set, wardrobe, and music are absolutely fantastic. The show opens in 1969 with sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll – a very good combination.

But this show goes deeper and hits harder than expected. Obviously, this show tackles sexism, but it does it in a unique way. We are not just witnesses, but we experience what the characters are going through in their lives and how it’s all part of the bigger issue.

It talks about racism. It talks about media sensationalism. It talks about birth control. It talks about career girls. It talks about family balance. It talks about our history, which is so eerily similar to our present day.

It talks about all the things that are being silenced a little more each day. One thing this show proves is that we still have a long way to go, because it feels way too real.

The other thing that makes this show special is the way the female characters interact with each other. They portray true friendships, in both the loud moments when they’re standing up for each other, and the quiet moments with a single touch on the arm or a look across the room. 

So if the show is so great, why was it canceled?

35 days after the series premiered with double the ratings of several renewed shows, an 80% completion rate, 4.5 stars, and the highest female audience of a streaming show, an all male committee decided to cancel the show because “they couldn’t connect with the storyline.”

I’m going to pause here so you can let that sink in. 

An all male committee canceled a show about fighting for women’s rights because they couldn’t connect…


This is 2017. 

We know that making enough noise makes a difference. We NEED a show that tackles the hard hitting, uncomfortable subjects. We NEED a show that deal with the troops coming home from war, a show that deals with rampant sexism, racism, and has an open dialogue about sex! We NEED a show that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

WE NEED WOMEN WRITERS AND WOMEN ACTORS AND WOMEN STORIES. By saving this show, we will open the door for other shows with silenced voices that need to be heard. On the marketing side, there’s a demand and there’s money to be made. The network that finally gets this right is going to do very well.

(Also, I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT TO THESE CHARACTERS! *spins in chair, frantically waving arms*. And I have a bit of a crush on every girl in the show. True story.)

What can you do to save this show?
1) Tweet/Facebook/Share that you want to #SaveGoodGirlsRevolt
2) Talk it up to your friends. Get them to watch it! 
3) WRITE LETTERS! Write to Amazon and demand a season 2. Write to Hulu and Netflix and demand that they pick up the show.
4) Sign the petition.
5) Follow the cast

It’s time to take up the fight, one TV show at a time.

Revolt, my friends.

On this day in 1925 – Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming becomes the first female governor in the United States. She later became the first woman to become director of the US Mint.

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,BannerWithInfo_ForWeb
Heather Novak
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Twitter: authorheathern
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