First Snow by Gerri Brousseau

Here in Connecticut, we are bracing for the arctic blast and our first snow storm of the season. The weather man is telling us it will be a dusting to about one inch. That’s not a lot, but it may be enough to cause a few fender benders because of the timing. It is starting just prior to the morning rush hour. Oh the joy.

I like winter, but that doesn’t mean I like to drive in the ice and snow. I suppose if I had a car that was good in the snow I wouldn’t mind it. Years back I had a Jeep and once an Oldsmobile both of which were great in the snow. Right now, I have an Isuzu which came with me when I moved back here from California. Of course in California there was never an issue, but here in the cool blue north, having rear-wheel drive is not a good thing.

A few years ago, we had 18 inches of snow on October 29th (I think it was) and we lost power for 6 days (some lost it for much longer). Then, the following year at the exact same time, we got hit with Hurricane Sandy. Both years Halloween was cancelled. This year we were thankful not to get nailed with some horrific storm. I was happy because my two-year-old Granddaughter got to go around to Trick-or-Treat to the six houses on their street.

Still, here in New England when we hear the weatherman say snow, we think twice. I suppose for November 13th we can’t complain. We’re getting into the holiday season and doesn’t everyone in this area want a White Christmas? I know I do.

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