It’s Thursday! I’m Sitting in for Gerri! What To Do on Snow Days & A Surprise!

January 3 2014 snow stormFirst the surprise, I am doing a giveaway on Friday, Dec. 19, 2014 at  Come on over and visit and/or enter my contest!

On snow days, if you’re a writer, you do the following:

1) Write. Early morning writing while it snows is awesome.

2) Shovel or snowblow snow!

3) Make snow angels.

4) Go in and take a hot bath in something fragrant or bubbly. Vampire King Max recommends champagne.  Now that’s cold and bubbly and tickles.  You decide.

5) Take a nap.      6) Write.

You have kids and may or may not be a writer.  – New Plan! This is contingent on you not be able to get to the job.

1) Make a wonderful breakfast for everyone.

2) Pull out the craft stuff to make decorations or cards.  Coloring is very soothing. If you’re a writer, writing is soothing.  i find both pretty soothing.
3) Declare reading time for at least a half hour or more if everyone is into it.

4) Shovel snow. Then make snow angels and snowmen.  It is important that you do that.

5) Hot showers or baths.

6) Hot dinner with hot cocoa and movie time.  I also used this for writing or napping.

Sounds like a plan?   What do you do on snow days?  Tell us.  We want to add your fine ideas to the list!!!

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Can You Keep Up?

I watched a video today in our department town hall (this is for the day job by the way). The video was fascinating, yet scary and it really came down to one key question for me in a business mindset–can we keep up with the pace the world is changing at? Our department lead said we’d be fortunate enough to hit the mark in the next 1-3 years let alone the next 5 due to the acceleration of change and the unpredictability of the future. I happen to agree with her.

So what does this change entail? Some of it is so out there that I’m not sure I would even notice it all, but some of it definitely hits home. It was incredible to me to see the resources we would deplete in this century alone. And I’m not talking strange five syllable ones, I’m talking the come “iron” and “copper” that we are familiar with. I mean, it’s come up tons of times and it is just something we tend to take for granted, but what about water? Could you imagine a world without it? Would there even be one to any degree? Probably not.

I know I’m fast forwarding here but the thought of all this was overwhelming beyond just a business standpoint. It made me wonder where we would even be as a species in a century. What will our world look like? As a writer and one with a very creative imagination, my mind takes me on a thousand journeys with this topic. And yet, I can help but wonder to some degree what happens with our minds as we evolve on these journeys. Will we digress or advance? What will we writers write about and what will readers want to read?

The world is changing fast, that is clear. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I can keep up. I’m not sure if any of us truly can, but the plain fact is that we don’t really have a choice because continuous change is coming whether we like it or not. It always has and it always will (I know, change is the only constant). How do you see yourself fitting in? What legacy do you want to leave?

Thanks for joining me with the loaded questions before our upcoming holidays. Have a great week and happy writing!

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Huge Piles of Books to Read for the Holidays by Mandy Rosko

I’m sort of living the reader’s dream right now. I think during the month of November, despite it being NANOWRIMO when I’m supposedly not even close to having the time I need to read, I got a few books written, and then, despite having still a bunch more to get through from my TBR pile that I got from RT, I went out and binged and bought more.

A LOT more. Some of them are on my floor. There’s, like, no room for them, which means that I need to buy bookshelves in my spare bedroom and get rid of that enormous desk that I never use. Maybe my bro will want it for his computer time since he tends to get stuck working at the kitchen table.

too many books

The above picture isn’t quite to scale, I don’t have nearly that many books, and definitely not enough to do something cool, like make a desk out of them like I’ve seen some people do (if that wasn’t photoshop tricking me) but now my problem is this:

Too many books, and too little time. I’ll be going away to my brother’s house for Christmas, and then to our parents’ houses for a few days after that, and despite having a small stack I intend on taking, and a kindle, and my iPad, I worry about leaving some of these physical copies behind @_@

What if I want to read some of them? Or am I just going nuts? I can’t tell anymore, I need to hurry up and get those bookshelves. They’ll organize everything all nice and neat and make me think that I have more space than I actually do :D

What’s your reading list like? Now that it’s December and Holiday season, do you use this time to rack up your gift cards for Nook, Kobo, Amazon or Chapters and just go nuts with reading? Do you get burnt out? I dunno, I guess I’ve been burnt out of reading for a while, and now I seriously feel like I need to catch up. Hopefully I can get a couple more in before the year ends and pick up my goodreads book challenge. The number of books it shows I’ve read this year is pathetic >.<

Cheers! And Happy Holidays :) Wishing everyone out there has warmth, food, presents and good times for the season,



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Gift Gathering Paranormal-Scope by Susan Hanniford Crowley

The growing darkness makes us hurry for home, so it’s important to make that home inviting for guests but also a sanctuary for us when we return from a hard day.  The holidays can be stressful, but try to consider each person’s special qualities and you’ll find the perfect gift.

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

Elves don’t get excited by opportunity but look at things long-term to determine the course to take.  Keep gifting simple.

Gnomes use common sense when it comes to gift giving.  What practical but fun thing would make a great gift?

Faeries are very romantic, but don’t get lost in the romance which is easily done during the holidays.  Keep a new friendship in perspective, and that includes gift giving.

Vampires can be very exciting and have a lot of influence over others. Give a simple but memorable gift.  Not garlic.

Aslan roars with the wonder to come. Wonderful gifts are coming your way. Check your list twice and don’t forget anyone.

Merfolk gather their family close under the waves. Special gifting among family members are warranted.

The unseeling elves, those of the dark nature, will reveal secrets long hidden. Give true hearted gifts as people may need healing.

Dragons enjoy the heat of love.  Give special thought to gifts for those closest to you.

Hobbits are clearing out the clutter of the past to welcome the future.  Gift with the future in mind.

Don’t make rash decisions. Be like the Owl of the Wood and take your time.  Believe that it will all work out well.

Werewolves will offer you a favor, but it’s not a gift and will require later repayment.  A gift of love may come your way. It will be very special.

Goblins are great at business and gift to impress.  But always double check your numbers.

Susan Hanniford Crowley
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
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Cover Reveal: An Almost Perfect Christmas by Jenna Jaxon


Last Wednesday I revealed the cover for my Christmas story, An Almost Perfect Christmas. The story involves characters from an erotic contemporary, Almost Perfect, that I just got the rights back to. It will be re-released in January, so I thought it might be fun to introduce readers to the characters, Pam and Roger, during their first Christmas together. An Almost Perfect Christmas will release on December 19 and will  be FREE on Amazon, Smashwords, and ARe.

Almost Perfect-white with black

Tag: Is love enough to make their Christmas perfect


As Pam Kimball and her computer geek boyfriend, Roger Ware, prepare to celebrate their first Christmas together, Pam is having doubts about their relationship.  Roger can barely stop working at his new software business long enough to join her under the tree. And when he does, her present to him backfires, bringing their lovemaking plans to a crashing halt. So when Roger announces his plans to leave after Christmas to visit his family have changed and he won’t be back for New Year’s Eve, Pam fears the worst. Does the man she loves really care for her, or might a break-up be her present this Christmas Eve? Will there be enough magic in the air to turn this disastrous Christmas into a perfect one?



Pam Kimball sat in front of their small but full Christmas tree, mashing down the tape on the festive green and red holly wrapping paper, finishing the final present, thank God. She grabbed the last bow, bright blue that didn’t go with the paper, but the only one left in the bag. The thought counted, not the wrapping, right? She placed the gift under the tree on top of the small mountain of presents she had gotten her boyfriend.

“Come on, Roger.  Christmas Eve is almost over and we haven’t opened our gifts yet.” She checked the clock on the wall beside the front door. Eleven thirty-five. Still enough time. She leaned forward and dug through the pile, searching for the right box.

“Be there in a second, babe.”  The hushed, absent-minded tone carried from the dining room where her boyfriend sat at his computer, eyes glued to the screen as they had been all night.

“That’s what you said an hour ago,” she mumbled, then seized the big square package she had been looking for and carefully pulled it from the bottom of the heap.  “Now, Roger Ware.  Or you’re going to be sorry!”  She added a playful lilt to the last word.  This was their first Christmas as a couple and she was determined it would be perfect.

She had helped decorate his small apartment by putting up the tree, draping woodland garland around the living room, lighting a scented candle with a balsam fragrance, and even putting electric candles in the two windows. Now the room glowed with a romantic aura, lit by the candles and the twinkling white lights of the Christmas tree. The local cable company had even cooperated by playing White Christmas starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Her absolute favorite Christmas movie. She breathed deeply, waiting for magic to happen.

“I’m here.  I’m here.  Where’s the fire?”  Roger plopped his tall frame down next to her. Dressed in an old dark blue flannel shirt and jeans he looked good enough to eat.

“Right here.”  She grabbed his face, pulling his lips onto hers.  Tingles shot down her arms—always did every time he kissed her.  He settled his arms around her and drew her closer.  His tongue thrust into her mouth, probing her with bold sweeps.  Pam moaned and clutched him, pressing against his chest until he toppled backward onto the carpet with her on top.

He disengaged their mouths long enough to say, “We should have started this in the bedroom.”

“Oh, we’re heading there.” In the two months that they’d been dating, most of their evenings had ended with them making love. One of her favorite things to do was to get him all hot and bothered. Like now. She ground her hips against his and was rewarded with a groan from above and hardness from below.  “But you need to open a present first.”

“But it’s not Christmas yet.”  He ran his hands down her sides, under her jeans to cup her butt.  “Can I open this one?”


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Shopping or Gift Gathering by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Please, keep in mind that anything I suggest is solely my opinion.  As the holidays come closer, going shopping in stores can be rather challenging. Many people I talk to are shopping online to avoid the crowds.  What are some fun items out there?  You want to give some thought as to what your friends and family enjoy?

1.  Ereaders are popular this year.  If your person in mind already have one, then the perfect gift might be a gift card to an online bookstore– Barnes and Noble for Nook owners and Amazon for Kindle owners.  Personally I have a Kindle app on my laptop and my phone, so I read lots of books in Kindle.

2. A special ornament for a person’s tree or to decorate their home. A friend of mine collected snowmen so I would always look for an unusual one for them.  People cherish holiday decorative items given by friends and family and these items are usually handed down in the family.

3. A car emergency kit.  This might not seem very sentimental but it shows you care and at some point will come in very handy.  If I got one, I would hug the person and run out and put it in my car.

4. For women, you can buy necklaces and bracelets. If buying earrings, make sure you know whether the lady wears pierced ones or not.  Pretty scarves and lovely shawls also grab their attention.  For men, it’s tougher. You have to know what they like. If they have an Amazon wish list, then chose from there.  Gift cards to their favorite store or coffee shop, or even a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere is good. Soft crocheted blankets and winter scarves for men also go over big.

5. Some friends love handmade items.

I’m going to stop here.  I did not include gifting for children as that is a huge topic in itself, and they are pretty open about what they would like.

Please, feel free to add to our list through the comment box. I’d love to hear your gift ideas.

Susan Hanniford Crowley
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
Vampire King of New York available at Amazon Kindle and print, Barnes and Noble Nook and print and in Kobo
A Vampire for Christmas in Kindle

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Interview with Author Rachel Sharpe by Stacy Hoff

LostDistinction400ColdAmbition400 (1) headshotHello to all my Passionate readers! Today I’m interviewing Mystery/Thriller author Rachel Sharpe! Read on to learn all about Rachel and the exciting books she writes.

Hi, Rachel! Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born to Baby Boomers during the Reagan Era when the Cold War was still…cold. I love reading, writing, and traveling, but not necessarily in that order. Also, I have an amazing husband, great friends and family, and someone is actually paying me to do what I love. It doesn’t get much better than that.

No, it doesn’t! Let us know something unique or different about you.

I wouldn’t say it’s unique, but I play the guitar and I love music. If I couldn’t write, I would probably focus more on that.

Why do you write mysteries/thrillers?

I prefer to read and write in the mystery/thriller genre, particularly crime novels. Reading a story that keeps you involved, that keeps you trying to solve the mystery, has always interested me. I especially love series in this genre. Some of my favorite series include Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas and James Patterson’s Alex Cross. My dream is for Jordan James to eventually reach that status – to have people who know her and love her story and look forward to solving cases alongside her.

I look forward to that happening. I want to know what’s inspired you to write. Was it people, places, or things?

Too many to name! It’s cliche to even mention, but there’s something to the line in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off about stopping to look around every once in a while or you’ll miss life. People are often so focused on getting through the day they don’t realize how many stories are going on all around them, all the time. I love going to new places and meeting new people. The best advice I’ve ever received on writing is to write what you know. I do my best to learn as much as I can from as many people as I can.

Good advice. What are you working on now?

Right now, I’m editing book three, Retribution, and in the process of writing book four, Misconception. Retribution happens on location in the Rocky Mountains for a television show and Misconception is set in my hometown, New Orleans.

I’ll put those on my TBR list. Who are some of your favorite authors? 

I have several authors I enjoy reading, including Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and Lee Child. I recently discovered Erica Spindler and just finished her latest novel, Justice for Sara. I’m looking forward to reading more from her.

Tell us what else you have written.

Cold Ambition, book one in the Jordan James, PI series. People can find it on sale now on Amazon.

Can you give us a book blurb & excerpt from your new book, Lost Distinction (book 2 in the series—just released)?

Lost Distinction Book Blurb:

“It all started with a favor…”

When private investigator Jordan James agreed to search for the missing son of a U.S. Ambassador, she didn’t realize she was walking into a case one hundred years in the making. The deeper she delves into this unusual assignment, the more shocking, and the more dangerous, it becomes. With time running out and lives at stake, Jordan must race to identify the culprit of an elaborate plot while also uncovering a far more personal truth too intimate to ignore…

Lost Distinction Book Excerpt:

“So, when was the last time you saw Arthur?” I asked as the guys cheered when one of James’ sons scored a touchdown with George’s help.

Michelle stared past the men. “I guess the last time I saw him was at Easter. Since Mr. and Mrs. Cross couldn’t make it back from London in time, we went over to James’s house in Falmouth. I was surprised to see him there.”

“Why? Does he usually avoid family holidays?”

She clapped when Rick carried one of the twins over the “goal line” for a touchdown. She looked back at me and shrugged. “To be honest, I haven’t seen Arthur many times in all the years I’ve been married to Eddie. He lives and works in Middletown but just always seems too busy to come around. Eddie never gave me specifics, but I think Arthur tries to stay away from his family for some reason.”

“He didn’t say why?”

“No,” she shook her head. “Can’t say I blame him…”

I found myself more confused every time I learned more about this situation. As I sat there, I considered all the things I knew as fact. First, Arthur Cross was missing and had been missing for several days. Second, his family was concerned enough about his disappearance that they felt it necessary for his parents to fly in from London, but they did not want to involve the police as it might generate unwanted publicity. Third, they were going to a lot of trouble pretending like nothing was wrong.

I looked across the yard and saw the Crosses watching their children and grandchildren with absolute enjoyment. The last thing I knew was by far the most troubling fact of all. As I sat there, it became crystal clear that this family was hiding a secret. What I didn’t know at the time was how great the secret was and how many lives its revelation would affect, including my own.

Thank you so much, Rachel, for joining us today! 

Rachel Sharpe’s Bio:

Rachel Sharpe is the author of Cold Ambition and Lost Distinction, the first two novels in the Jordan James, PI series. Although born and raised in the South, “Yankee” relatives first led Rachel to historic New England, which she has come to consider her second home and is the setting for the series.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English, Rachel began dedicating her free time to her childhood passion, writing, and in the fall of 2013, she signed with Soul Mate Publishing. An active member of Sisters In Crime, Rachel currently resides with her husband in the Greater New Orleans area.

“COLD AMBITION” Available Now on Amazon


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