After Halloween & the Contest Continues by Susan Hanniford Crowley

I am writing this on the Eve of All Hallows, that night before All Saints’ Day.  Over a thousand years ago, early Christians prayed on this eve for protection from evil. They wanted protection from the coming dark time.

On Nov. 1st or All Saints Day, they prayed for all saints known and unknown. On Nov. 2nd or All Souls Day, they prayed for all souls and for mercy.  Some churcheAll Saints and All Souls Day in Polands celebrate All Saints Day on Sunday and some celebrate the days jointly.

In this photo from a Polish news services, it shows how people make offerings and light candles all over the country to remember and honor the dead.  Here is the link, if you want to learn some more about All Saints and All Souls Days in Poland.,Poland-illuminated-on-All-Saints-Day

On a family note, we celebrated Halloween with a quiet dinner party of make your own tacos, which was followed up by decorate your own cupcakes.  We also had yummy chocolate mummy cookies.  adorable pixie aka TinkerbellOne of our guests was an adorable pixie masquerading as Tinkerbell.  Some small faeries can really carry off wearing green. She had left her wings in the other room.

Oh, by the way, on Sunday most of the USA will be changing back to Standard Time, falling back one hour for fall.  I will celebrate with an extra hour of sleep.  It will be nice not to get up in the dark.  If you are in an affected time zone, but sure to fix your clocks on Saturday night.

Yesterday I annouVampire King of New Yorknced a contest on my interview by Stacy Hoff.  The contest ends on Nov. 2nd at noon Eastern Time. I am giving away one ebook copy of VAMPIRE KING OF NEW YORK in the winner’s choice of format-Kindle, Nook, or Kobo. To enter be sure to comment in the comment box. Contest void where prohibited by law. Good luck everyone!

If you can’t wait to read it, Vampire King of New York is available in Amazon Print and Kindle, Barnes and Noble Print and Nook, and Kobo.

All the best for a fun and joyous weekend for all souls.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

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Halloween Interview/Contest with Susan Hanniford Crowley by Stacy Hoff

cemetary3stonephoto Cemetaryphoto

Happy Halloween, everyone. Today’s blog post is a two parter, with a CONTEST!!!!  Yes, you’ve read this right!  Because for this special Halloween edition, I’m here to knock ‘em dead!

Part I is about my creepy Halloween visit to a graveyard. Part II is my interview with paranormal writer Susan Hanniford Crowley, followed by an excerpt of her latest book, THE VAMPIRE KING OF NEW YORK.

And for the Contest: Susan Hanniford Crowley is giving away one ebook copy of Vampire King of New YorkVAMPIRE KING OF NEW YORK in the winner’s choice of format-Kindle, Nook, or Kobo. The deadline for this contest is Nov. 2 at noon Eastern Time. Contest void where prohibited by law. Good luck everyone!

PART I – My Creepy Halloween

To really enjoy today—Halloween-—I went out of my way to have a creepy lunch hour. I hiked over to a historic cemetery near where I work. There, I took a walk among the tombstones. The old, fragile slate slabs had dates older than I would have guessed, some dating back to the 1700’s. Some had carvings of odd-looking angels. Some had poems about to how the person died. (Plenty weird, if you ask me.) Other headstones were too small to list names or dates, and simply read what mattered most to their loved ones, “mother” or “father.”

Being alive in this silent, ghostly place made me feel out of place. Yet it took me a while to turn tail and leave. The cemetery’s quiet surroundings gave a sense of peace and serenity I hadn’t expected. And the desire to strongly hug my family and friends when I got back. Our time in life is short, so I’m letting the people I love know now that I care about them.

Ironic that going to a place where people are dead made me appreciate my life, for all the wonders life has to give, even more.

Happy Halloween, everyone. If you have the time in between trick-or-treaters, let me know how you’re celebrating.

PART II – My Interview with Susan Hanniford Crowley

1) What intrigues you about the paranormal world?
I have always been intrigued by anything that goes bump in the night. I like the variety in the paranormal world, the mythology, the case studies, the difference and similarities between cultures. After studying the paranormal for over 30 years, I am most amused by the portrayal in movies and fiction. Our culture in particular tends to make make scary things glamorous. Using vampires as an example, you can see the change between an ugly feared creature that was more animal than human to Hollywood portrayal of Dracula in a tux such as Bela Lugosi to a suave, handsome Dracula who is a great dancer in the movie “Love at First Bite” such as George Hamilton.

2) Why write about vampires in specific?
While my vampire characters usually have staring roles, I don’t write only about vampires. New York City which is the setting for both my series, Vampires in Manhattan and Arnhem Knights of New York. In my books, the couple star. One is usually a vampire while the other is another kind of supernatural which includes humans with gifts. The exception to this is the first book in the Vampires in Manhattan series titled WHEN LOVE SURVIVES. That book had a heroine who was half leprechaun and half elf and didn’t know it until that day. The hero is a shapeshifter, and shapeshifters are able to recognize their lifemates at first sight. The book focuses on the couple meeting each other, but other supernaturals in New York play important roles. David Hilliard who is the hero in the second book THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS is a vampire. In the first book, he is a secondary character who helps the couple. They help him too out of a situation. Though my vampires do not burst into flames in the sun and can walk around for a limited amount of time, expending huge amounts of energy digging on September 11th would make them more vulnerable. Gregor who is the shifter comes up with a humorous idea on how to save this friend. What I really write about is the diverse communities and how they interact.

I also really have fun with the vampires.

3) What do you like best about Halloween?
I love costume parties and inventive cooking. My oldest daughter really excels in cooking wonderful things for Halloween.

4) Do you have plans to write any more paranormal books?
I am in process of writing Book 2 in the Arnhem Knights of New York series. My vampire heroine is torn between a human and a vampire. I don’t want to give too much away. People have been waiting for me to write a love story for Noblesse, King Max’s daughter. It’s going to be a really powerful book. I also have a very different paranormal book in process not having anything to do with vampires, and another paranormal book that is YA. Everything is in process. I’m in a writing year.

5) What’s the general story line for Vampire King of New York?
Max Vander Meer, is a modern day Viking, CEO of VMeer Industries, and a Vampire. He makes a plea to the Goddess Freya to find the only woman who can heal his heart, the woman haunting his dreams. But, the Goddess strikes a bargain with him. To find this special woman, Max must return to the city he helped build–New York, which is threatened by an ancient terror. When he meets Evelyn, he is astounded. Could she be the one who inhabits his dreams? But Evelyn is haunted by loss and betrayal. How can Max win her love when she doesn’t trust him as a man, and she doesn’t want to be a vampire? If Max returns to Iceland without her, he will be encased in ice . . . forever!

Here’s an excerpt from the first meeting between Max and Evelyn:

“I’m having the Baked Alaska,” Max said. “Evelyn, you?”

“Oh, no. That’s a big dessert. I’ll have a dish of vanilla ice cream.”

The waiter smiled and was off again.

“I’m trying to lose weight,” Evelyn admitted.

“I don’t see why.” Max’s words were reassuring. When the waiter came with the desserts, she marveled at the difference between them. Max’s dish was almost overwhelmed by the meringue, sponge cake, and ice cream concoction.

“Would you like just a taste of my Baked Alaska?” Max asked Evelyn. It did look divine, and her dish of ice cream looked very small.


He handed her a spoon. “Take what pleases you.”

Evelyn shook a little. Men didn’t usually say such things, and it thrilled her. She took a healthy blob and put it on top of her plain ice cream.

They looked at each other before digging in. Evelyn couldn’t remember when she last had this much fun. It wasn’t that Laura and David weren’t fun. They had taken her everywhere in the city, the museums, the plays, the art shows, and concerts. But no matter how kind they were to her, how entertaining, no matter how much her sister loved her, Evelyn still needed a life of her own, and there was something about Max that made her heart tremble.
Dinner breezed by. Talking with Max filled her with excitement. Where David and Laura were usually quiet about their experiences as vampires, Max was very forthcoming, not shirking from any of her questions.

“David says you live in New York part of the time and Iceland the other part. Why don’t   you just settle in one place?”

“I love them both, and I decided not to choose between them. New York is where my family of vampires resides.”

“Oh, you mean the Arnhem Society. So you’re an Arnhem Knight too.”

“Evelyn,” David interrupted, “Max is the first Arnhem Knight. He created the Arnhem Society in 1626.”

“That’s when it was New Amsterdam.” Evelyn tried not to let her mouth fall open. “You came here with the Dutch?”

“I helped negotiate with the Native Americans for Manhattan Island.”

She stared at him, then the thought crossed her mind and it was out of her mouth before she could stop it. “You didn’t mesmerize them, did you?”

“Not my finest hour.” He shook his head.

David interrupted. “Evelyn, Max helped carve this great city out of the wilderness. There isn’t a business in the city that wasn’t helped in some way by Max or VMeer Industries.”

Max shook his head in what she took to be modesty.

Evelyn chewed on her lower lip in thought. “Wow. It must have been something.”

Max smiled and nodded. “Yes. It was a brave new world then. Now you just have to be brave to be here.”

Susan can be found on: web: Facebook: Susan Hanniford Crowley, Author  Twitter : SHCrowley  and here, on Nights of Passion blog.

Vampire King of New York is available at: Amazon Print and Kindle:  Barnes and Noble Print and Nook:  Kobo:

Find Stacy on Social Media: Twitter:   Web:  Stacy’s debut novel, Desire in the Everglades, is  available now.

Cemetery photos copyright 2014 Stacy Hoff. All rights reserved.


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Hell Night, Halloween Memories and a Contest by Gerri Brousseau

Today is the day before Halloween, more commonly referred to as “Hell Night” when people pull pranks on friends and neighbors. Common pranks in my day were soaping car windows and toilet papering someone’s house. Now, I never did any of those things, but have some friends who did. Halloween is the favorite holiday of many, and in fact a few years ago my son and his wife were married on the night of October 30th. with a Halloween themed wedding including a trick-or-treat candy table and costume booth. It was a unique and fun wedding.

With tomorrow being Halloween, I am looking forward to doing Trick-or-Treat with my little two-year-old Grand-Daughter. She’s just starting to understand the concept of holidays and it is now fun to watch my son and his wife create their family traditions.

I remember when I was a kid (back in the day) I would walk all over creation with a group of my friends knocking on doors and filling a pillow case with candy. The streets were full of kids in costumes, walking in small groups going door to door. No one bothered us. No one put poison or drugs in our candy. I remember that my mother didn’t want me to eat anything until she checked it. She would dump the pillow case out on the kitchen table and pick over all the candy to make sure nothing looked tampered with, but nothing ever was. One year my Mom let me have a Halloween party for some school friends and we actually bobbed for apples. It was a fond memory.

I remember when my son was little that I began in July and made our costumes every year. I’m no seamstress, heck I can do little more than sew a button, but I made our costumes. My favorite memory was the year that we dressed up as clowns. My friends know I’m not fond of clowns, and they can sometimes be scary (Twisty for example), but nevertheless, I had a four-year old boy with orange yarn hair in a home-made clown outfit, complete with a derby hat and red nose.
Then things got a little scary. Kids were being snatched and tainted candy was handed out by sick people. I took my son to the houses of friends and relatives. Thankfully there were school events we could go to and it seemed to pacify him.

When I had the two pugs I would dress them up in complimentary costumes and walk up and down the street with them. I would carry a plastic pumpkin full of candy and hand it out to the children who stopped to pet the pugs. Since Milo got hurt, we haven’t gone out.

This year, I’m looking forward to watching my baby girl learn the concept of saying Trick-or-Treat and getting candy from the few neighbors on the street where they live. I may even put on my pirate costume! I do love priates (wink).

Please take a moment to share your favorite Halloween memory with me and as a treat I will be giving one commenter a copy of one of my books. You must leave a comment to qualify and the winner will be selected at random. The contest will run until midnight tonight. Let’s have some fun, and best of luck.

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My Halloween Evolution

I love Halloween. What’s so strange about that is that I’m probably the world’s biggest scaredy cat. I know, why would I write books about vampires then? Well, my vampires are dark but the premise is also a bit different. Still, today I’m here to talk about a new twist on my Halloween… the first time I took my son and another young man trick-or-treating. Here goes…

It was a warm and breezy night nearly one year ago. After all, we live in the desert and October isn’t exactly cold weather time. My son was dressed as a fireman and we were accompanied by a five year old pirate. I opted to carry my son since he was a year-a-half and his wobbly pace might slow us down. After all, I myself hadn’t been out trick-or-treating in years and from what I remembered, they were on the mission of their young lives, getting candy! My first observation is that our little pirate’s bucket was awfully small. What happened to huge pillow cases?! That’s the way we did it, hiking through the neighborhood with bags full of candy on our backs. And when they got too heavy, we regrouped at the house, dumped the candy out and went back out for more.

But the changes didn’t stop there! After about six blocks of walking, my little pirate began to huff and puff while my toddler wiggled around for freedom. A lollipop calmed the latter but my pirate admitted he might only be able to continue if I carried his hat. A couple blocks later I was carrying not only his hat but his “heavy” bucket which was only about half full of candy. By then, I had concluded that the kids these days obviously didn’t have the stamina my friends and I did; therefore, it was no surprise when my pirate’s feet began aching a few minutes later. Back to the house we went to enjoy passing out candy for the rest of the night.

It could be that my companions that Halloween just happened to be too small to make the Halloween trek or times just may have changed. Either way, my Halloween was still fun, in a very comical sort of way. This year, I have two little ones to take trick-or-treating (maybe more as the date rolls around) and I can’t wait to see what fun this Halloween brings!

For those of you who have stuck through this blog to the end, here is your treat – leave a comment about how your Halloween has evolved and what you love about it by midnight EST on Oct 31st and one lucky winner will be drawn for a $20.00 Amazon gift card. This contest is valid wherever I can send email since the card will be sent this way. Void where prohibited by law.

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Burns Like Fire Prizes are Here!

Okay, so I’ve only been happy and excited for these things to come in for a while now, but the necklaces for Burns Like Fire finally came in :)

photo 2

I’m wearing mine, and the second one will be shipped to the Facebook party winner, along with her print copy of The Princess’ Dragon Lord. The other three, I’m still figuring out how I will give them away. Either through some small random contest for the people who liked my Facebook page, or some other means. Not sure.

Burns Like Fire, the book this necklace was commissioned for, is still available for the sale price of 99 cents on Amazon and Nook. When that sale is over, the box set will go for 5.99, which is still a really good deal, considering the cost of the nine books separately :)

If anyone reading this wanted to try and get their hands on this necklace, all you have to do is pop on over to my Facebook page, hit the like button, and that should make sure you get the details of my little contest when I get them. Right now, I need to inform the winner that I have her stuff and that I need her info.



Barnes & Noble:


Mandy Rosko


Captured Box Set is Now Available!

The Princess’ Dragon Lord is Now Available at Amazon and B&N

Connect with me online:


Twitter: @rizzorosko
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Halloween Paranormal-Scope & Notice of Contests by Susan Hanniford Crowley

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

Ghosts from the past are haunting you.  It’s going to take more than candy to resolve this.  Be prepared for the long haul, but you have a friend who will help you.

Gnomes are cooking overtime. They just love those ghostie cupcakes. Make some goodies to share.

A mummy walks past you.  This is not the time to get involved. Run!

A mummy is unraveling in front of you.  It is the time for you to get involved and help.  You will be rewarded in a surprising way for your kindness.

The Blob flows past your home.  That means unexpected company is coming.  Be prepared with delicious take out.

If you have more than one skeleton in your closet, it’s time to go through and throw out.  Clutter will overwhelm you otherwise.

The werewolves are howling.  It’s party time.  Let yourself go and have some fun.

A vampire gives you a gift.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  The same goes for vampires.

Hobbits are running down your street.  Follow the hobbits.  They usually run away from bad things and towards good things.

Faeries gift you with enchantment.  Be careful with such a gift.  Every admirer may not be sincere.  Stay close to your friends.

A witch hat will give you endless possibilities. Choose wisely.

Now there is a good Halloween box and a bad Halloween box.  You will be tested to see if you know the difference.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

Notice of Contests:
All this week on Nights of Passion blog.
At The Romance Studio:
At My Blog News page on my website:

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A Haunting Interview


To start Halloween week off on Nights of Passion with a ghoulie, a ghostie, or long-legged beastie, I thought I’d interview an author who writes those sorts of things in her everyday life. Help me welcome, Tera Shanley, who has a wonderful zombie book that has released just in time for Fright Night, October 31.

 1. Who is your favorite scary author and what is your favorite book by them?

Shannon Drake. I love her! Her book When Darkness Falls is what helped to start my love for paranormal romance

2.  What are you most afraid of?


3. Have you ever had a close encounter of the ghostly kind?

I absolutely have, which is why I’m so scared of them. My parent’s house is haunted by a ghost we’ve named Chandler (to make him less scary. Nobody named Chandler could be THAT scary, right?) – Over the years, he’s turned on cd players and picked songs, entire boxes of 20-year-old toys have all started talking/playing music in closets, and I was chased from the house once by something I still can’t explain. Every single person in my immediate family has had in-depth conversations, thinking they were talking to other family members, only to realize they were alone in the house. Endless stomping in the attic. I’ve seen something (someone?) standing over my sleeping baby, and just last year, I was doing laundry over there and turned around to see a man watching me from a few feet away. He disappeared in front of me, and my parents’ dogs, who were outside the door he was leaning against, went insane barking at the place he’d been standing. So unsettling.

4. Where did you get the idea for your latest scary story?

I’ve always liked things that go bump in the night and my love of zombies only became more ridiculous after the first season of The Walking Dead. I wrote the first book in the Dead Rapture series and fell in love with the characters. Book 2, Love at the End of Days, was the next natural book for me to write.

5. What is your favorite scary movie?

I really love Shaun of the Dead. I know it’s more of a humorous movie, but it’s one of those I can’t see enough times.

And here’s a  peek at  Tera’s latest zombie romance:


Romance and zombies collide in the riveting sequel to Love in the Time of the Dead.

Four years into the Dead outbreak that ended the world, Vanessa Summers has been so burned by love, she swears she will never trust a man again. But Sean Daniels, guard leader of Dead Run River, isn’t just any man. When past lovers return to the colony, things get complicated. Desperate to rid herself of the heartache, Vanessa signs up for a supply run that will test her mettle as a guard in training. Sean volunteers to lead her team, and his hungry looks say it’s more personal than professional.

Danger comes from all sides as they scavenge Dead-infested cities, and as her attraction for Sean deepens, Vanessa finds her head and heart at war with each other. He clouds her judgment, and the slightest misstep could spell disaster outside of the safety of colony gates.

A race back to the safety Dead Run River could save a teammate’s life, but trouble has been brewing back home. Laney Landry, the woman who broke Sean’s heart, is in trouble, and Vanessa must decide whether to take back the Denver colony beside the man she’s falling in love with, or bow out of an attraction that terrifies her.

Weathering Dead hybrids, betrayals, battles, jealousy, and soul consuming love, Vanessa must find her place in the team she’s found. And if she can, she might just master survival at the end of days.

and the buy link is:

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