Interview & Contest with Paranormal Romance Author Rebecca Royce by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Hi Everyone,

We’re thrilled to have Paranormal New Adult Romance Author Rebecca Royce announcing sororitywolf_200her latest book and we’re having a contest. First, I’d like everyone to meet Rebecca.

Susan: I was reading the description for Sorority Wolf and it looks fun, and Halloween so puts me in the mood.

Rebecca: Thank you. I love this time of year. It always makes me really into all things Paranormal.

Susan: How did you come up with the idea for the book? It’s very different from other shifter books?

Rebecca: I was really invested in making a New Adults shifter. They’re grown ups, with adult needs and problems, but they’re not 100% emotionally mature. I asked myself, what would a shifter need in college. And then I pulled from some of my own life experiences and boom I had a story.

Susan: What is the difference between a shifter and a werewolf in your books?

Rebecca: Shifters can shift whenever. Werewolves are Moon bound.

Susan: Your heroine is unique. Please, tell our audience about her.

Rebecca: She is a college student looking for her own way who also happens to be a packless shifter.

Susan: Your hero is a demon? Why are the demons involved in the human world in your book?

Rebecca: They’re trying to become important in all political and financial institutions. To gain control.

Susan: Is he considered an alpha male? What are his most endearing qualities?

Rebecca: Oh yes. He is totally an Alpha male. His most endearing quality is that he will do anything to get to his goal. He will destroy anything in his way. He has a plan for his future. I find that very endearing.

Susan: Please, tell us about Sorority Wolf.

Kieran is a demon with a big problem. The person whose body he has stolen won’t give up and fights him on every front. Not to mention he has to figure out how to blackmail the president of a werewolf sorority to appease his demon father. He has no time for lost werewolf Alexandra. But he can’t stop thinking about her.

Alexandra is a werewolf who needs a pack. She comes to college determined to get one. But when her plans fall apart, she turns to Kieran for help—unaware of his true nature or exactly what he wants from her.

The two will play a dangerous game…and with so much at stake, can they see the love right in front of their eyes

Here is an excerpt from Sorority Wolf:

The wind blew hard against him, and his body acted as a natural resistance to the onslaught of a Massachusetts winter. Three months into the school year, November had hit the northeastern part of the United States with a vengeance. Any sane person would be inside where it was warm. But she had come outside, and he’d followed—as though a length of invisible rope connected him to her.

He loved to watch her.

The way she moved. The way she sometimes didn’t move.

He rubbed the stubble on his chin. How long had it been since he’d shaved? A day? A week? A month? The longer he spent with the humans, the more his body adapted to their form, which was exactly what he’d planned and why he’d risked everything to come to Northern Tide University. The more time he spent in this dimension, the less he had to try to resemble them.

Not understanding total assimilation was exactly what he craved, his father had warned him this would happen as if blending would deter him from his plan. Only he hadn’t counted on her. Alexandra Morgan.

She stood staring up at a white sorority house at the very top of the Greek hill the university was so proud of. Queen House—the one to rule them all—where dreams of young girls were crushed on a regular basis. All the female students desired to be Lambda Chi Sigma. The smartest, prettiest, strongest-willed women the university produced came from the sorority housed there. But first, they had to be accepted into the hallowed halls.

Unbeknownst to the human population of the school, LCS took only one type of student—female werewolves. No matter how many human girls threw their best smiles, hopes, dreams, and money at LCS, they would never be offered the opportunity to pledge. Unless they shifted under the full moon, they were no one.

If he wasn’t mistaken, Alexandra met that particular requirement.

So, why was she so nervous?


If you can’t wait to buy Sorority Wolf, it’s available at:

Decadent Publishing:


All Romance Ebooks

Barnes and Noble online:

Susan: What is your next project?

Rebecca: I’m writing my next Fallen Alpha story. YAY, more Werewolves.

Susan: If you were a shifter, what kind of shifter would you be?

Rebecca: Werewolf.

Now for the contest: I will be giving away Sorority Wolf  in any ebook format to one lucky commenter who says what the craziest thing they would do to join a sorority in the comment book. This contest is worldwide. The deadline is Oct. 31st, midnight Eastern time. Contest void where prohibited by law.  Good luck, everyone!

Thank you, Rebecca.  It’s always great reading your books and having you on Nights of Passion.

Thanks, Susan. It’s always fun being here.

For more about Rebecca Royce, visit her website:

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Paranormal Reads for Halloween by Stacy Hoff


In honor of Halloween coming up next Friday, I’m reading books that are paranormal—the polar opposite of my own genre, contemporary romance. I’m finding paranormal books to be a big relief because I can finally read in “off duty” mode. For me, a published author, that’s mighty hard to pull off.

In fact, reading for enjoyment is often tricky for authors. The writer’s antennae  is always up, ready to learn techniques, have our muse sparked to life, and—sad to say—inevitably compare our work against others. (Why can’t my book be this good! Arrrgh! I’ll never write again!)

I struggle with “off-duty” mode in my day job, too. I’m a lawyer, so when I relax by watching TV at night, I try hard not to tune into any legal dramas. If I do, I’ll be “on duty” again, screaming at the set about the deposition techniques, or trial scene, or whatever else, being all wrong. Yuck. My bad attitude makes my family creep away to other rooms so they can watch either ESPN or Spongebob Squarepants in peace.

Selecting books and TV shows outside of my professional areas forces me to sit back, relax, and enjoy the entertainment. Being “off duty” leaves me with no distractions—enabling me to be immersed in another world. I hoard these precious moments to my chest like a miser would gold coins. Time off is plenty valuable.

Here are some of the paranormal books I’ve enjoyed, and maybe you will, too:

  • “Chicagoland Vampire Series” series by Chloe Neill (although I hate waiting for the next book to come out, despite her very short six month lag time.)
  • “Insatiable” series by Meg Cabot (yes, writer of the “Princess Diaries.”)
  • “Vegas Vampire” series by Erin McCarthy
  • “Sookie Stackhouse” series by Charlaine Harris (the inspiration for HBO’s “True Blood” series. Of course, everyone includes her in their paranormal list, but that doesn’t stop me from listing her, too.)
  • “Dracula in Love” (single-title book) by Karen Essex
  • “Twilight” series by Stephanie Meyer (sorry, I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I say the books are awesome.)
  • “Queen Betsy” series by MaryJanice Davidson (for vampire fun with some zombies thrown in for good measure, along with the occasional ghost.)
  • In addition, I’m going to pick up “The Vampires in Manhattan” series by Susan Hanniford Crowley, followed by her “Vampire King of New York” (Book 1 in the “Arnhem Knights of New York” series).  I hear they’re good, and I’m always up for something new.

What books, TV shows or movies give you your nightly “escape”?

Find Stacy on Social Twitter:   Web:

Desire in the Everglades available now.

Photo 2014 copyright Stacy Hoff. All rights reserved.

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Quiet Your Mind by Gerri Brousseau

I’m sitting here today thinking about what I would like to talk to you about. My mind is numb with exhaustion because I was up most of the night tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Although I went to sleep at my usual time I awoke at 12:10 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 3 a.m. Why; because I couldn’t get my mind to slow down and my thoughts to quiet themselves enough to allow me to fall asleep.

I have a new release coming out in little over a week, and I’m preparing to write a press release. Now, I’ve written them before so that was not the problem, but I kept turning things over in my head and my mind was running with stray thoughts and the proper wording. In connection with this release there are also contacts that need to be made, appearances, and guest blog articles to be written. And so, my mind was abuzz with activity.

I tossed and turned for hours, got up, went to the bathroom, got a drink of water, and even contemplated having some warm milk. Finally, I decided to read a chapter in the book I’m currently reading hoping that would take my mind off all its busy thoughts. Guess what? That worked. I think I fell asleep with the book in my hand and the next thing I knew the alarm was ringing causing me to nearly jump out of my skin.

This got me to thinking about my readers and how they often times can’t put a book down. How they stay up, losing sleep because they just have to keep reading, only to fall asleep with the book in your hand. Then you find yourself at work the next day in zombie form because of severe lack of sleep. You muddle through your day going through the motions all the while thinking about how you can’t wait to get home to finish that book.

Then there are the writers here among NOP readers, who, by the way, are also readers and experience that which I describe above. Not only are they unable to sleep because they can’t put a good book down, but also because they have busyness of the publication and promotion process that keeps their minds wound tight.

My question to you today, dear readers, is how do you quiet your mind? What do you when you can’t fall asleep?

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Life’s Chapters

If I look up the word chapter in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, these are a couple entries:

1 – One of the main sections of a book

2 – A period of time that is very different from the time before it

In writing, we use chapters as a tool to divide scenes, character points of view and/or actions/sequels from each other. We as authors have some modicum of control. In life, it isn’t always so.

This week my toddler starts preschool and in all honesty, the prospect of starting this new chapter with him is killing me. Of course, I logically realize this is for the best and that my son should be all the better for it but that doesn’t make it any easier. As I’ve thought about this upcoming change, I can’t help but reflect on what it symbolizes. In a book, it is just one more layer peeling back to reveal something more in a story. It can be something of minor or major significance but either way the plot continues to unfurl and grow clearer in our readers minds. In life, it means my toddler is growing up– slowly at times and immensely fast at others.

so what can we do? Nothing really. In a book just as in life, we are usually along for the ride. As I mentioned earlier, there is some further degree of control, but any author who has been controlled by his or her characters knows that even this control can be a farce at times. Lesson to be learned? Enjoy the ride and see where each chapter takes you.

Happy writing this week!

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A Push for Captured and Wattpad by Mandy Rosko

Tonight is the night that the authors of Captured are coming together to start the weeklong push for Captured, hoping to make it hit a NYT or USA Today list.

Also prizes, there will definitely be prizes at the Facebook party on Wednesday ;)


Since I’m one of the authors that has the smallest mailing list, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to draw attention to the box set, including making a soundtrack for the entire box set, which I still need to run by the others, and using Wattpad.

My idea was to write a quick short story, as a sort of sequel to Burns Like Fire, the book included in the box set, and put it up on Wattpad for anyone to read. The problem is that I have a tiny following there as well, so I’m not too sure how well that’s going to work out, but I have to say that I’m liking the ability to post my work a little bit at a time and update the story as I go. I enjoy that a lot :) I feel like I get more work done even if it’s only a couple hundred words at a time. Right now I’d say I’m beyond the halfway point. I just need to commission a proper cover for it because right now the cover featured on it is the Burns Like Fire cover, which I imagine a lot of people would turn away from since they might not want to read a short sequel with spoilers of book one and two inside of it.

Hmm, well, either way, I think I’ll continue to use it, and I was curious about how many other people use Wattpad. Do you use it to draw attention to other works? Make shorter stories for free that have nothing to do with other books you have published? Do you write fanfics on it? And how do you like it? I’m still working on figuring out the app since a lot of the writing I’ve done on it so far has been in bed.

I kind of want to get into bed now and get a couple hundred words on it done while the night is still young. I’m weird like that. Anyway! I finally have a picture of the necklace that will be one of many prizes up for the Captured give-away :) Check it out:

fire heart necklace quote

I’ll be getting a couple of these bad boys in the mail soon, and I can’t wait for that. Anyway, here’s the links for the Captured box set if you wanted to check it out

Barnes & Noble-


Mandy Rosko


Captured Box Set is Now Available!

The Princess’ Dragon Lord is Now Available at Amazon and B&N

Connect with me online:


Twitter: @rizzorosko
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Getting Strange Paranormal-Scope and Giveaway News

We have the rains and the warm days.  Now it’s going to start getting cold in the northeastern United States.  There is an almost electrifying energy in the air.

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

The week for:

Werewolves don’t always travel with the pack.  Sometimes you have to stand on your own two feet and make your own decisions. Do not let other put words into your mouth.

Owls survey the wood at night until the details reveal themselves.  Don’t let any information you receive upset you until you have the facts.  Keep emotions out of everything this week.  Be the owl.

Shapeshifters are great friends. They have a sense of  balance in life.  They know when to give advice and when to be silent.

Dragons know when it’s time to step out of the cave into the open air.  A change of scenery even going out to lunch will change the energy.  Breathe deeply and clear your mind.

Faeries know when it’s time to sparkle, and you’re about sparkle this week.  Smile, dress well and be upbeat.

Vampires have befriended you and to your benefit.  They have news of new opportunities.  Be sure to listen and then check it out.

Temple cats go to the temple for sanctuary.  It’s a place to rest the brain and be serene.  Find a place that feels the same for you.

Whales are deep sleepers and dreamers.  They use their rest to energize their long trips.  You need to nap more for energy.  Let your body tell you what it needs.

Elves love discussion.  This week you will enter into a lot of discussions.  Look at it as a place to collect information, brainstorm with colleagues, and collaboratively create new connections.

Pegasus has come to you for one reason. Destiny time.  Time to soar. Don’t let fear hold you back from your true purpose.

Pixies never get along. Put that aside and listen to all viewpoints so you can collect as much information as possible before making an important decision.

Hobbits don’t care for rumors and neither should you. Avoid the gossipers too.  Start a new hobby to clear your mind and inspire you.

Now for some exciting events happening this week:
Friday, Oct. 24: I will be on my News page on my website as part of JoLynne Valerie’s Halloween blog hop.  I will be sharing news of giveaways/contests on that day.  I will also be sharing a list of all the other blogs in the blog hop.

Friday, Oct 24 -31:  I and a pile of romance authors will be on The Romance Studio Spookaloosa
spook5_promoSat., Oct. 25-31: On Nights of Passion Blog (right here), the passionate crew, some guests, and I will be doing giveaways on and off throughout the week.  I will kick off Sat. Oct. 25 with the incomparable Rebecca Royce and her shifters and demons.  On Fri., Oct. 31, I will be Stacy Hoff’s guest and giving a very special prize to one lucky contest winner!

Now I’m ready for Halloween!

Susan Hanniford Crowley
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!
Vampire King of New York available at Amazon Kindle and print, Barnes and Noble Nook and print and in Kobo


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My Favortie Scary Books


With Halloween approaching at the speed of fright, I thought I’d share my favorite scary stories, all from the pen of the master of fear, Stephen  King.  I have loved Stephen King’s works for at least 30 years.  I’ve read almost every one  and enjoyed  them all to varying degrees. But we all have favorites, right ? So here  are my top 5 scary books from Mr. King:

1)  It.  A group of children try to save their small Maine town from IT, the monster with a 1,000 faces–the most common one being Pennywise the deranged clown. They return as adults to finish the job, even though they must face their greatest fears to do so.  I loved the friendship portrayed in this book, but IT scared the crap out of me .

2) The Stand. When a superflu wipes out 98% of the  world’s population, a cataclysmic battle between Good and Evil ensues using the survivors  as pawns. I remember being sick with a cold when I first read this book, which increased my fear as I read it. And with  the Ebola scare in full swing I don’t  think I’ll be re-reading it any time soon.

3) The Shining. A writer and his family spend the winter in a haunted hotel in the Colorado Rockies. The movie with Jack Nicholson is a horrifying representation of this book. Except the part of the book that scared me most isn’t in the movie. It takes place in a tool shed when the evil spirits try to take over the good guy. Still makes me shiver to think of it.

4) ‘Salems’ Lot.  Vampires take over a small town in Maine. Truly frightening how one bite spreads across the whole town. Great chase scenes too!

5) The Mist. I loved this story of prehistoric monsters attacking a small Maine town (I think it best NOT to live in a  small Maine town) when a government experiment goes wrong. One note of caution: if you like this novella,  DO NOT watch the movie. They changed the ending and it’s horrible!  The book is 100% better!

But King’s scariest book , in my opinion, isn’t on my list, because it’s not my favorite .  In fact, I’ve only read it once because it scared the bejesus out of me:  Pet Sematary.  About a man who can bring things back  from the dead with horrifying consequences.  Brrrr, creepy!

So those are my Halloween picks for scary reading.  Hope you have a frightfully good time with them on a dark and stormy night!

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