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Can You Speak Up While Protecting Your Brand? by Heather Novak

I’ve been told for many years to not “speak my mind” about current events on social media. This was an opinion I strongly subscribed to until recently, when I discovered that silence was a privilege I couldn’t always afford to … Continue reading

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How NOT to Get an Agent by Heather Novak

On Twitter, I follow several agents because I think they’re awesome follows. Some of them I query, some of them I don’t, some of them reject me, some of them ask for more material. Searching for an agent is tough, but just … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned: Secret 8 – How to Hashtag on Social Media

I’m a social media marketer in my day job in addition to doing websites. Consequently I like to keep up on trends and collect cheat sheets that will keep me straight on all the social media platforms. Just by looking … Continue reading

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The Obligation of Promotion

Some authors, old and new, don’t realize just how much your life is not your own once you sign a book contract.  Your publisher now has invested time and money into publishing and promoting your work.  They expect, and you … Continue reading

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Does Twitter Help Your Marketing Strategy?

I’ve been a very bad Tweeter for most of my social media life. I signed up for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Linked In years ago when I had just started writing. The only one I really ever kept … Continue reading

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Social Media and A Grand Birthday

Hi everyone, Waves! If you’ve seen me do that before, then you’ve seen me on Facebook or Twitter or both.  Some people have told me that they are uncomfortable with certain social media.  One friend told me she doesn’t like … Continue reading

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The Romantic Life of a Romance Writer by Gerri Brousseau

What your family and friends think the life of an author is like, and what it actually is are often times two very different things. What my family/friends thought when I told them I was writing a book: The poor … Continue reading

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