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What’s In My Head May Not Be In Your Head. By Ripley Proserpina

Book covers. I rarely buy a book based on the book cover. I don’t expect the model on the front to match the characters in the story. My own book covers resemble my characters only broadly; they’re not dead ringers. … Continue reading

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Keeping Sane When Life Has Other Plans by Heather Novak

This week has been very intense for me, as I try to move a parent from independent living to assisted living. Suddenly, the cost of care is expected to double, even triple (one of the facilities was quadruple!). In between prepping … Continue reading

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Dear Reader: I (will) Marry Him by Heather Novak

(Title is a reference to Jane Eyre’s famous line, “Dear Reader, I married him.”) As a romance writer, I spend nearly every day of my life working out happy endings (or as I like to call them, happy beginnings) for my … Continue reading

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