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Writing A Sequel by the Seat of Your Pants by Stacy Hoff

I can admit it – I am a “pantser” (someone who does not plot out a book, preferring instead to write by the “seat of their pants”). Maybe because of my “lawyer” day job I simply cannot write fiction by … Continue reading

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Only Seven

Seven is considered a lucky number by most.  For writers, however, seven may be unlucky–or at least confining.  Seven is the reputed number of plots we all have to work with when crafting our work.  Seven.  So how on earth … Continue reading

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Day Job vs. Night Job by Stacy Hoff

My day job is unlike my night job. By night, I write romance. By day, I’m a lawyer. Yup. Been one for two decades. Handling contracts. Negotiating deals. In other words, I’m as non-romance-y as one could be between the … Continue reading

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The Sagging Middle by Leia Shaw

Two weeks ago I tackled the topic of meeting deadlines and the stress that comes with it. Along the same lines – because I often blog about what I’m currently going through – I’m going to ta about the sagging … Continue reading

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Pantsing vs Plotting by Leia Shaw

Writers are probably familiar with the terms pantsing and plotting. If you’re not, I’ll give you a quick definition. Pantsing means you get an idea for a book then sit down and write it without a lot of planning. Plotting … Continue reading

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Sharing the Load, Sharing the Blame – by Leia Shaw

Sharing the load, Sharing the blame – how three authors work together to make magic, by Cari Silverwood, Sorcha Black, and Leia Shaw. As co-authors of a new book series, the Badass Brats, we’re often asked how we managed to … Continue reading

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Garfield, Rocky, and…Writing? by Leia Shaw

Since I usually write my Tuesday posts last minute, today you’re stuck with a rant based on my mood Monday night, which was when I wrote this, which was last night, and now it’s Tuesday, wherever you are, reading this. … Continue reading

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Get Organized

In my day job, I manage several people with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. As I coach them through their current roles in preparation for future roles, I tell them to draw on their strengths and work or their … Continue reading

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Interview with a.c. Mason – Chocolate Damsel Release and Contest

I have to tell you that interviewing Mason for Chocolate Damsel is a real special treat. One, because I was fortunate enough to read this story as a beta reader and two, because it is simply a great story. So … Continue reading

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It’s Mason Monday. Evil mastermind plotting.

Is the evil me out or is something else going on? The reformation of a pancer. Those of you that follow my blogging escapades know that I’m reluctantly a pancer being transformed into a hybrid plotter. I don’t like it … Continue reading

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