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Writing A Sequel by the Seat of Your Pants by Stacy Hoff

I can admit it – I am a “pantser” (someone who does not plot out a book, preferring instead to write by the “seat of their pants”). Maybe because of my “lawyer” day job I simply cannot write fiction by … Continue reading

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Part of the Pack—Writing in an Anthology by Stacy Hoff

How is it to write as part of a pack? When I was first invited by a group of best-selling authors—Stephanie Queen, Merry Holly, Bobbi Lerman and Gerri Brousseau—to join in their anthology, SEASON OF LOVE, my first thought was, … Continue reading

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Short Stories Are Like Smart Cars (And I’m Taking A Ride) by Stacy Hoff

Until I learned about the publishing industry, I had no idea that commercial fiction writing had so many rules. I struggled to learn the precise definitions of genre and sub-genre categories, as well as their prescribed word-counts. That was several … Continue reading

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Day Job vs. Night Job by Stacy Hoff

My day job is unlike my night job. By night, I write romance. By day, I’m a lawyer. Yup. Been one for two decades. Handling contracts. Negotiating deals. In other words, I’m as non-romance-y as one could be between the … Continue reading

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Pantsing vs Plotting by Leia Shaw

Writers are probably familiar with the terms pantsing and plotting. If you’re not, I’ll give you a quick definition. Pantsing means you get an idea for a book then sit down and write it without a lot of planning. Plotting … Continue reading

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