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World Creation–Quasi Existing Worlds

I come from years in science fiction and fantasy as a short story author and more recently an associate editor with Space and Time Magazine (not a romance venue).  When many of the female science fiction and fantasy authors turned … Continue reading

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The Darkness by Gerri Brousseau

The darkness embraces me.  Its icy arms wrap around me and draw me deeper into its cold abyss.  It speaks to me in soft whispers as it swallows me up into the frozen prison of a deep and dreamless sleep.  … Continue reading

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God Bless Mark Zuckerberg by Gerri Brousseau

On October 16, 2011, Market or Die announced they will be offering the ability to purchase the books directly on facebook by the use of the “Shop Now” button.  According to Jen Fusco, it was easy to set up.  I … Continue reading

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