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Why Happily Ever After Matters by Heather Novak

You will not believe how many times I’m asked when I will “write a real book.” Somehow, in our culture, strong female characters that work hard for their HEA are considered “less than” characters who suffer to end up with … Continue reading

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Writing Despite My Terrible Week by Stacy Hoff

This week was awful. My iPhone and wallet were stolen right off my desk at work. (Yes, we had “office visitors” that day. No, the police have not made any arrests yet.) I spent hours recreating what was lost. I went … Continue reading

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A Happily Ever After for Valentine’s Day by Stacy Hoff

Valentine’s Day is upon is almost upon us. I thought this would be a good time to explain what we in the romance writing industry call the “HEA” (Happily Ever After). The HEA is really the heart and soul of … Continue reading

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My first blog post by Stacy Hoff

Welcome to my very first post on Nights of Passion. I am excited to be here, and to meet all of you! Not only is this my first time posting here, it’s my first time blogging. Ever. (Gulp!) Coming up … Continue reading

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Real Life vs. Romantic Life

Being a romance author, I’m really into the Happily Ever After.   Though now I understand, it can also mean Happy For Now.  I love books, and I come from a science fiction and fantasy background.  Even then I was still … Continue reading

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Handling the Nay Sayers by Gerri Brousseau

It seems when you tell someone you are a romance writer, you still hear snickering.  Then start the comments and questions, such as: “If you ever need any research for your love scenes, I’m your man” (I’m thinking “in your … Continue reading

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