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Bond! James Bond!

I don’t know about you but I’m all about Bond.   I’ve been watching James Bond movies ever since I can remember.  What is it about him?  Is it his looks?  Okay, it may be about the looks.  Perhaps it’s the way he … Continue reading

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The Good Guys You’d Love to Love

Okay, bad boy were easy to write about.  It’s probably just my nature.  There are some really sweet guys in movies that do have appeal.  Even I sigh when I see them. I think most women will reply that Tom … Continue reading

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What Makes A Hero Romantic?

What makes a hero romantic?  Let’s look at some admirable qualities. 1. Good looking?  A muscular physique?  Not only look strong but actually be strong?  So would Daniel Craig fit the bill, or should I say Bond?  What if great … Continue reading

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