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Bringing A Bit of Romance Into Your Life

Bringing a bit of romance into your life really has to do with some self-appreciation.  Our present world is definitely wired.  Metal and concrete everywhere.  Speed in all things–our food, our interactions, our transactions. Self-appreciation means slowly down.  Taking time … Continue reading

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Ah, A Bubble Bath

Now I told you I was investigating this further and I have.  Bubble baths have a sensual allure all their own.  I think it’s the peek-a-boo effect with the foam and bubbles.  In my investigation, I thought I could give … Continue reading

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Cranberry Bubble Bath

Today I was reading about a new ‘down under’ lingerie store that young women are flocking to.  I mean you can’t have too many thongs in different colors.  There just might be a shade of crimson or gold you’re lacking.  A few years … Continue reading

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