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Fall Releases… By Ripley Proserpina

Today is the first day of Autumn. I know lots of people love this season. Yay. I’m so excited for you. I’m looking forward to releasing some different sorts of books this season. First off, I ventured into co-writing with … Continue reading

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Mermaids Don’t Have Butts By Ripley Proserpina

I love shifter books. Bear shifters, lion shifters, werewolves, dragons. I love ‘em. I don’t care if they’re aliens, or hybrids, or government creations, or cursed by a witch. But I have to wonder. Where were these books when I … Continue reading

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Authors’ Thoughts on Writing by Stacy Hoff

Today, Passionate readers, I’m firing questions at several writers. Each author appears in the newly released anthology SEASON OF SURPRISES. And each one talks about their own experience writing short holiday stories. What’s it take to create? Find out! By … Continue reading

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Writing Inside the Box (Set) by Stacy Hoff

It’s been said in the publishing world that authors have to “think outside of the box.” But what about writing inside the box? Specifically, writing for a box set? (By the way, as a helpful guide for middle-aged folks like … Continue reading

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Cover Design Redux by Stacy Hoff

Book covers are like people—they both get face lifts. Does prettier wrapping work? I have the perfect opportunity to find out with SEASON OF LOVE, my romance anthology with Gerri Brousseau, Merry Holly, Bobbi Lerman and Stephanie Queen. We were … Continue reading

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Interview with Author Heather Novak by Stacy Hoff

Today I have a special guest, “New Adult” romance writer Heather Novak. Heather is Nights of Passion’s newest blogger. Yea! You can find her posts right here on Thursdays. I adore Heather—both professionally and personally (you can read why, below). … Continue reading

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Part of the Pack—Writing in an Anthology by Stacy Hoff

How is it to write as part of a pack? When I was first invited by a group of best-selling authors—Stephanie Queen, Merry Holly, Bobbi Lerman and Gerri Brousseau—to join in their anthology, SEASON OF LOVE, my first thought was, … Continue reading

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Seasons of . . . By Marian Lanouette

It’s another exciting time with the release of the second book in the “Season of” anthology series, and what I find most exciting is looking at the covers side-by-side. The beauty and the difference of the excites me. Both state … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal by Stacy Hoff

What makes this—the cover for my third published work—so different than the other two is that this time, the cover was done by a consensus of authors. One of them being me. The cover design experience is very new to … Continue reading

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Short Stories Are Like Smart Cars (And I’m Taking A Ride) by Stacy Hoff

Until I learned about the publishing industry, I had no idea that commercial fiction writing had so many rules. I struggled to learn the precise definitions of genre and sub-genre categories, as well as their prescribed word-counts. That was several … Continue reading

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