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Inside an Agent’s Inbox by Heather Novak

One of the coolest things about being on my chapter board for Romance Writers of America is meeting so many AMAZING people! I have become friends with several agents, some to the point where we have lunch and talk about Gilmore … Continue reading

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Remembering My Mother by Heather Novak

Sunday will be the first Mother’s Day without by biological mom and I am NOT looking forward to it. Truth be told, I didn’t like the day all that much to begin with…but that’s a different tangent.  I wanted to … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle Again…Querying

After over a year of respite, this week I finally began querying my current WIP.  It is an activity I approach with the same enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist.  Querying agents is part and parcel of being a … Continue reading

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The Romantic Life of a Romance Writer by Gerri Brousseau

What your family and friends think the life of an author is like, and what it actually is are often times two very different things. What my family/friends thought when I told them I was writing a book: The poor … Continue reading

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How do you answer?

What are you reading? I’m reading Silent Assassin by Leo J. Maloney. I recently had a new writer ask about a certain publisher. Not that I’m very knowledgeable about this subject, but the writer asked because I was published. I … Continue reading

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Finding My Way by Gerri Brousseau

First of all I would like to thank Susan for that very adorable article she posted last Thursday while I was having fun signing books in the Connecticut Building at The Big E (A huge fair in the eastern states). … Continue reading

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What’s the next step after you write your book? by Marian Lanouette

Due to the hurricane, Sandy and the Nor’easter, Marian has no internet, so I thought it would be nice to have a little bit of summer back. In light of that, I have reposted this for her. She will hop in … Continue reading

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More than Writing

Okay, so I haven’t checked in about my writing and it may have seemed to disappear completely but I can assure you it hasn’t. Currently due to querying and feedback, my first novel is going through its umpteenth rewrite while … Continue reading

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