Angel of Light and Courage

This past weekend, I said the last physical goodbye to my niece. Hers was definitely a life snuffed out before it truly began. After all, she only really got to know the inside of a hospital. For her, and for me, and for everyone in our circle of family and friends, and to those who would’ve known her in the future, I mourn the life that could’ve been and all the things I had hoped to see her do, not to mention all the things she would’ve surprised me with. I feel the loss of not knowing someone I really wanted to know and never having that opportunity to know her come back.

This weekend as we lay her to rest, I couldn’t help but reflect on how beautiful the day was, or the loveliness of the cemetery where we left her physical self. It was, of course, a day of sadness, but also a day of beauty. And if I were to take a guess, I’d wager that this little angel is spreading her wings over many in the world, bringing them strength and light to fight the darkness in their lives.

She will be missed and is most certainly loved. She has inspired me to do better and I hope to pass that on to you. Happy writing this week and be inspired by the love and beauty around you.

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