Most Important

I remember watching this movie Leap Year several years ago and there was a part where the male protagonist asks the female protagonist what she would bring with her if her home was on fire and she had to evacuate. I can’t recall what she said, but I’ve certainly been reflecting on what is important in life as I watch those around me age and feel my own time pass.

I’m not quite sure what I’d grab. For now, all I can think of is whom—my family. These past few years have been so turbulent and my guess is it’s not a temporary state. This is life, but family has been a constant and for that I feel fortunate.

The theme I took away from Leap Year and many of these love stories is not only about love but about what is important in life. It is a theme I see play out every day in my life and through my job. We need some sort of material goods for a place to live or to get around, but many of us certainly don’t need everything we have and want. And I write this knowing I’m completely guilty of this too.

Still, I’m trying to shift my focus to what is most important moving forward. Happy writing this week!

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