Help or Hindrance

Why is it that it seems we need constant saving from ourselves? Or perhaps that’s the theme I’m coming across these days. I turn on the latest podcasts and hear about apps that “stop”pause” people for several seconds before making an investment and this is meant to help them think about the choices they are making so they don’t get caught up in the emotions of the moment. We create endless lists to keep ourselves on task or we lose our day. Our calendars are full of reminders and our desktops are littered with post its.

It is nothing new that we are full of mistakes or the ability to make mistakes. It is somehow what has made us human. Still, it seems that we are relying more and more on external devices and reminders to keep us on track.

This doesn’t surprise me. My own father is having memory issues and it seems to be common enough in our aging population. Are all these reminders possibly a way of helping us or are they a hindrance? I don’t know the answer to this. I know that I use a lot of these reminders and I can’t help but think that they would be a helpful tool. In practice however, I’m finding them a bit more difficult to implement when it comes to cognitive impairment. It also makes me wonder if I’m becoming too dependent on them.

I have lots of questions and not many answers, but they all seem to lead me back to the same conclusion that maybe it is okay to do less and focus more on what is most important than speed down an endless list without paying much attention.

Happy writing this week and May it be productive for you.

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