For The Love Of…NaNoWriMo 2022 Raw Excerpt by Artemis Crow

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I’ve been rocking and rolling through the month, and I can’t believe we’re just over the halfway point. Wheee!!! I wanted to share the raw (and I do mean raw as a cow standing in a pasture) opening for Virgo’s Touch, book 12 in my Zodiac Assassins series. It starts exactly where book 9 left off. I hope you enjoy!


The first arrow struck Virgo, sending him to the ground. He rolled to his side and watched the rest of the Zodiacs get felled.

A bright light appeared in front of him, a tiny ball of shimmering light just a couple feet away from where he lay. The pain is so bad it must be messing with my vision.

He watched the light swirl and grow until it was as wide as four men standing abreast. The swirling light began to pulse faster and faster; purple and pink and green and gold mixed in with the white like a damn Stargate had been activated. Yeah, I’m delirious.

Virgo wrapped his arms around his waist. He’d never heard of hallucinations when dying, but what else could this be?

He heard a muted scream, and a woman leaped out of the light, landing on top of him with an oof. The force of her body hitting the fletching end of the arrow sticking out of his chest drove the sharp head through him and out of his back, pinning him to the ground.

He stared at her, on the verge of passing out from the pain. “Who the hell are you?”

The woman shoved off of him, rolled to the ground and sat up. She pressed her hands against her chest and looked down as if expecting to find a wound, but she appeared to be uninjured. Unlike Virgo, who wondered how he was going to survive getting the arrow out of his body.

She ran her over her chest then waved her hands over his chest, a frown pulling down the corners of her mouth. “I’m Regina. Who are you?”

“I’m the guy stuck to the ground like a dead bug pinned to a display board, no thanks to you.” Virgo raised his head to stare at the arrow’s shaft for emphasis. “What the bloody hell?”

Half of the shaft, no all of the shaft length that should have been sticking out of his chest, was gone, sheared off cleanly as if a sharp blade had cut it. He ran his hands gingerly over his open flesh. The end of the shaft was barely visible, but it was there—he wasn’t that lucky—and it meant he still had to find a way to get off the remaining shaft.

The woman looked back the way she’d come. “The portal. It’s gone.”

The desolation in her voice distracted Virgo from his immediate predicament. “Portal? Are you Fae?”

The woman, Regina, curled her lip in a laudable sneer, turned her head and spat on the ground. “I’m Memoria. Answer my question.”

“I’m Virgo.”

That caught her attention, her stare piercing him as surely, but not as painfully, as the arrow. “One of the Zodiac Assassins?”

He raised his left hand and pointed to the other felled men scattered around him. “Yes, and so are they. Can you move on from this inane conversation and give me some help here?”

May your words flow freely,


The Zodiac Assassins series
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Lyon’s Roar –

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Leona’s Descent –

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Libra’s Limbo –

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Leona’s Cage –

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Gemini Asunder

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