Lesser of Two Evils

I go about my life as I please. I’ve never truly been anywhere that I am not welcome. Sure there are some places where one may not feel as safe as others, but I’ve never been made to feel like I don’t belong or that my own survival is at risk.

This week, I spoke with a friend who is considering fleeing her country. I know it happens all over the world. People looking to escape atrocities, war, or simply looking for a better life. Those who have been displaced due to famine and genocide.

My first reaction is to talk her out of running. Why? It is risky and I fear she might not survive. But then when I consider her reasons for fleeing I realize she may very well be choosing the lesser of two evils. It is a stunning consideration and another confirmation that for all the hardship I find in life, I still live a charmed life compared to many others. It doesn’t mean that my feelings are invalid, but it does put situations in perspective.

For now, I only wish my friend safety for whatever she decides. And for the rest of you, I wish you an inspirational week of writing

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