If someone were to ask you what is the glue that holds this world together or what can tear us apart, what would you say? For me that’s easy, I’d say trust holds almost everything together and distrust can tear it apart.

Trust is interesting. It is so simple a word and so easy to understand, but to gain it can be so complex. I think of the stories I write and the books I read and how trust weaves itself into the characters’ relationships. I look around me and see just how trust plays out in my own relationships at work and at home.

When I think of some of the major issues in our world, much of it stems from a lack of trust. We see it between countries and we can see how it has spread widely in our society and into our politics. Without trust, progress grinds to a halt.

So what can we do? This is a hard one to answer. Individually, I believe we can only ask questions and be open to hearing answers, even if we don’t agree with or like them. We can also set our own expectations. Again, it doesn’t mean everyone else has to agree with them but we are being open and honest. That’s a foundation and you can build from there.

Happy writing this week and good luck building trust!

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