No Pain, No Gain… Not Really?

No pain, no gain. As a kid I heard the saying all the time. And interestingly, it was used as a blanket statement, as if it applies to everything in life. As an adult, I realize that is not the case. If anything, applying the statement to your entire life can create a lot more stripes than is necessary.

Yeah, sure, there are definitely things in life that are painful. I mean physically painful. Waxing it’s never pleasant. Microblading is another thing that really doesn’t seem like a walk in the park. Whoever invented heels, clearly didn’t wear them long enough. Corsets? Must have been invented by a madman.

Still, things like exercising can be really fun. Yes I know that the first couple weeks are terrible, especially if you have not exercised in a while or ever before. But there comes a point when you appreciate pushing yourself and you appreciate how great you feel. Dating is another one. Love can hurt if it means a broken heart but overall, dating shouldn’t be putting up with crap. If we truly value ourselves, we will realize that we don’t deserve pain just because. No true gain can be worth that.

There is pain in life, but it is important to measure the gain and what it is worth to you. Don’t just take it because you’ve been told it is something necessary. You need to be the judge of that.

Happy writing this week!

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