Unhealthy Competition

Competition is part of life. It can be fun, it can motivate us to try harder and strive for more, and it can lead to innovation and more challenging goals. It can also be destructive if it gets the better of us.

As I look at those around me, I can’t help but notice how our social lives have somehow become a competition. Who has the nicer yard, who has the bigger pool, who is making the best investment choices and who has the more impressive job. Why do we do that? What does it even matter? From what I can see, all this worrying about what others do and less focus on what we do, doesn’t help us any. If anything, it makes us more insecure and leaves us to worry about the insignificant things in life.

Now perhaps this is partly my opinion that these things are not worth stressing over. I also have the luxury of leading a good life. We are not super wealthy, nor do we lack everything we need. But I also work in finance and I’ve come to realize that money and everything that surrounds it will not make us endlessly happy.

Lesson learned? You worry about you and I will worry about me and let’s leave the competition for the playing field or the areas that will make our world a better place.

Happy writing this week!

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