Confusing Feelings, Okay?

Why are feelings so confusing? This week has been one of those doozy weeks. You know, the ones that leave you wanting to watch or read mindless rubbish because your brain can’t take anymore. This week, I did spend some time watching some of this and one of the characters really stuck in my mind because she never said what she really felt and she always said what wasn’t real. In actuality, she was simply confused and trying to sort out her emotions. It was simple recognition that feelings can be complicated.

The character and the movie resonated because it is not uncommon for us all to find ourselves confused sometimes. Each day, we are bombarded by experiences, decisions to make, questions to answer and it can all be overwhelming to say the least. So it takes a bit more time to sort out our feelings, that’s okay! Revel in it and enjoy the process. You might discover more about yourself along the way.

Happy writing this week!

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