Life Tools for Everyone! Experience Childlike Wonder By Susan Hanniford Crowley

Thomas the Train at the Essex Train Station
Thomas the Train visited Essex, CT 2022

Today I had a very important date with my grandchildren to ride and visit the famous Thomas the Train. He was in Connecticut for two weekends and today was his last day for a visit before he went on to other places. He was at the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat, but now he’s moving on. Here is the schedule for his US appearances:

It was a day of carnival food and rides, riding the famous train that talks and sings, taking photos, getting balloon animals, and other fun activities. Most of all it was a day of family connections and seeing life through a child’s eyes, experiencing childlike wonder.

The Life Tool for Today:

Everyone! Go and do something children would enjoy. Visit a train! Go to the circus! Watch cartoons!

I remember when I used to watch Popeye the Sailor. I laughed so hard when he ended up on this deserted island and found the strange animal with magic powers he name Jeep! Imagine experiencing something new and wondrous for the first time (again). Eat ice cream or popcorn.

I remember when one of my daughters couldn’t write well enough yet to write her letter to Santa asking for things. Instead, she cut out pictures of the items she hoped to get and put that in the middle of the letter.

For a few hours, turn the clock back and experience an afternoon of childlike fun.

Now for the writers out there, here’s a Writing Tool.

Choose an age when you were a child. Do a ‘dear diary’ where you talk about a fun thing that happened. Maybe it was making a friend. Or the day you got a pet. It doesn’t have to be a special day. Choose any day and remember what you wore, were doing and saying, how the air smelled, how the weather made you feel, and what you ate. There’s more.

Once you get into it, write out your diary entry from the seven-year-old you, for example.

It will be eye-opening, May it inspire your writing and your life.

Happy Writing!

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