Sunny Sunday Assorted Sundries By Susan Hanniford Crowley

Hi Everyone,

Well, I still have Covid, so I am watching TV, writing, and eating chicken soup. Though lately, since I am feeling a bit better, I can eat some other things too.

When Love Survives was the start of my career as a paranormal romance author. Lots of people think back to where they were when 9/11 happened. I was teaching my ninth-grade English class when I got a phone call that we would be having an assembly.

The students had great questions: “Would we be attacked next because we’re near the Submarine Base? What do we do if it looks like we’ll be attacked?”

Some parents came and took their children out of school. Most did not and those that remained worried. I suggested a tour of the school basement. Our school was in an old style building, so we had an excellent basement. Once the students saw the basement, they felt a little better. But all in all, it was a very shakey day.

One relative was supposed to return to work at the World Trade Center that day after maternity leave. She didn’t feel well and called in sick. All the phone lines were busy, so we didn’t know until later that she was home instead.

I didn’t write When Love Survives until a few years later. I had dreamt about it, which is where my books start, but often I do a ton of research on top of that. I told a friend and she loaned me her collection of newspapers from that time. About 20 papers in all. I read every word. I read blogs of survivors, witnesses, and rescuers.

Below is a review from a reader on Amazon.

Bobbi Lerman

5.0 out of 5 stars Heart Tugging Love Story Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2013

How difficult is it to take one of the most devastating events in our country’s history and create a tale filled with compassion, hope, and love? Author Susan Hanniford Crowley delivers on all counts reminding her readers how even in life’s most horrific moments love and honor can triumph over evil in this page-turner of a story.

I immediately became attached to the story’s cast of characters, both the Nat’s (supernatural’s) and the humans who all come together to help as best they can on the day of the attack, but, I especially loved Regina, the half-elf heroine who realizes on the morning of September 11th she can hear the cries of the survivors and the dying calling to her in her head and goes to help at the attack site despite knowing her presence there could well drain her of her life source. Gregor, the protective, shapeshifting hero is a perfect match to Regina’s vulnerability as he tries to help the victims of the tragedy and keep the woman he realizes is his life-mate safe. The sexy and very hot love story between Regina and Grego takes nothing away from the emotional laden core of this story. This is a don’t miss read in my opinion for a wonderfully talented writer.


What else am I doing today?

  1. Writing to you! 🙂
  2. Working on the sequel to EverWarm
  3. Watching the tv show People of Earth
  4. Watching a tv British Comedy called Are You Being Served?

Have a fun and safe day. Sunny days are beautiful!

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