Risk in Life

We all live in a world of risk. My day job happens to interact with a different type of risk and that I invest in the stock market. But these last two years we have all dealt with a very different sort of risk in dealing with Covid. It has under scored risk in a way that makes it feel very present in our lives. It is misleading in a way because even without Covid we deal with so much risk on a daily basis. It is only an illusion that we have control most of the time.The truth is, that at any time, life can upend that illusion and in moments turn our lives topsy-turvy.

I’m not saying that we should live recklessly because of this, but I am saying that we should all think more carefully about the risks we take each day and what is most important in our lives.Essentially, we are weighing the pros and cons on a daily basis and determining what is worth taking a risk. This is natural and it is within our human nature. There is nothing wrong with risk as long as the end goal we are aiming for is worth it.

Nobody sets out to live their lives afraid and alone. That is not living. The goal is to determine what it is we want from our lives, what it is we want to remember, and take the calculated risks necessary to say we lived. Happy riding this week!

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