2022, a Year to Discover

Happy New Year! I have to say that the new year post is one of my favorite. It is always a time of new beginnings and fresh starts no matter what has happened in the years prior. This year, I feel like I am starting with a different outlook on life. I am not naïve enough to believe that all the troubles of the prior year have suddenly dissipated. I realize we’re still dealing with a lot of messes but I also believe that sometimes we just need a different approach or time.

Like many, I tend to throw my hat in with the New Year’s resolutions. For 2022, I’ve decided I would like to be a better person. I know this sounds like a very vague resolution but I also think this allows me some degree of freedom. specificity helps too and I am also working on a specific plan but I also don’t want to label myself as a failure for not meeting one specific aspect of a plan. There is a lot that goes into being a better person and the effort alone is worth something, at least in my opinion. Thus far, I’ve been more mindful and I have particular areas I’d like to focus on each day such as gratitudes for what I have, giving back to others, meeting my physical and spiritual needs and trying to think before I react (this last one is a particularly difficult effort with work lately).

So welcome to 2022 and I wish you all a wonderful year whether you decide to make a resolution or not. Happy reading this week!

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