For The Love Of…The Energy Of Reader/Writer Conferences by Artemis Crow

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Conferences with readers? I can’t recommend them enough. Granted, I’m still rocking the high from the Fall In Love New England conference I attended last week, but I’m not wrong. Writer conferences are great too, but there’s nothing like the energy and the overflowing love of story that fuels you through a busy two days like a reader/writer weekend.

Some of these conferences are a single day, others are two days. I prefer the two-day conference because there are more opportunities to mingle with readers and authors, more chances to make new friends and enjoy face-to-face time with old ones.

In addition to the panels and games, FILNE also has a costume contest. Yep, I had a blast going as the queen of one of the species I created for the Zodiac Assassins series, called a Memoria Soul-Keeper. Every butterfly you see contains all the souls of a now extinct paranormal family bloodline and their Memoria. You could say I was a walking nuclear reactor of soul power!

And next year, I’ll be releasing a short novel based on the Memoria! See what I did there? A little marketing! 

The conferences can be exhausting, yet the energy I get from them fuels me for days, which makes FILNE a great segue into my other looming endeavor…National Novel Writing Month.

If you haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo before, it’s a month-long writing sprint. The goal is to finish a novel (50k words) in 30 days. Everything in your life takes a backseat; you put your head down and fingers on keys and just write. If you reach 50k+ by November 30th, you “win.” But as many say, even if you don’t reach 50k, you are a winner for having devoted time to your writing for 30 days. 

I’ll be starting my next Zodiac book, Aries On Fire. If you plan to sign up for NaNoWriMo, come find me and let’s be buddies. I’m ACrow. 

Whether you are attending conferences or planning to do NaNoWriMo, Fall is a great time of year to spend on your stories. Your readers will love you for it!


May your words flow freely,


The Zodiac Assassins series
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Lyon’s Roar –

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Libra’s Limbo –

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Leona’s Cage –

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Gemini Asunder

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